The Protein Super Coffee

The Protein Super Coffee

Posted by Kyle Williams on Apr 17, 2019

The morning coffee is a daily ritual for nearly everyone. But, if you’re interested in looking good and performing well, the traditional coffee is not an ideal choice!

Normally laden with sugar, added milk, and low-quality coffee, your regular morning coffee lacks the nutritional value and punch to properly fit a healthy lifestyle. Worse still, for those wanting to build and preserve muscle, the traditional morning coffee lacks any source of quality protein to fit your needs.

Not wanting to give up my morning coffee, I decided to find a way to overcome these problems – Enter my Protein Super Coffee.

The KW Protein Super Coffee

The Protein Super Coffee is a variation of a coffee known as a ‘fat black’ or ‘bulletproof coffee’. It’s essentially a straight black coffee blended with high quality fat from butter or coconut oil and bulked up with high quality protein.



  1. Using your favourite brewing methods, make a fresh black coffee using your choice of high quality single origin coffee. I brew using an aeropress with single origin black coffee. My favourite is any single origin coffee from Dukes Coffee Roasters.
  2. Whilst the coffee is brewing, put the MCT Oil, butter and a dash of cinnamon in a blender.
  3. Once the coffee has brewed, add the coffee to the blender and mix for 15-30 seconds or until the ingredients reach a creamy consistency.
  4. Once blended, add the WPI and blend again for no more than 10 seconds
  5. Pour your Protein Super Coffee into a mug and enjoy!

Kyle’s Protein Super Coffee.

The Benefits

The KW Protein Super Coffee tastes delicious and has a stack of nutritional benefits.

High quality single origin organic coffee tastes amazing, has maximised caffeine content (due to the high-quality beans) and is free of many toxins present in most low-quality coffee you get from the supermarket.

In combination with the high quality coffee, the high quality fats from the MCT Oil and grass-fed butter provide a perfect carb-free and sugar-free all-day energy boost for the brain and body. Critically, the small dose of MCT Oil is processed differently by the body, specifically being broken down quickly and used as energy (instead of being stored for as fat).

Better still, these high quality fats are very filling and will starve off hunger for hours. Also, I’ve tweaked my recipe to have far less fat than a regular fat black or bulletproof coffee, which addresses the concerns of anyone worried about excess calories. In fact, the Protein Super Coffee has less than 200 calories per serve.

By also adding in a small amount of a high quality protein from WPI, the Protein Super Coffee provides vital nutrients for building and maintaining muscle, with the protein also contributing to the feeling of satiety.

The Protein Super Coffee for IF or keto diets

Best of all, the Protein Super Coffee is perfect for those practicing intermittent fasting because it won’t signal a break in the fast to your body, but will give you a much needed mental and physical energy boost. Basically, you get the benefits of fasting, without the grumpiness and usual distracted hunger side-effects.

It’s also perfect for those on ketogenic diets due to it’s carb-free, high quality fat mix!

If you really want to optimise your morning nutrition in conjunction with the Protein Super Coffee, sneak in a dose of Bulk Nutrients Green Fusion beforehand to get all your key vitamins and minerals.

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