We don't believe in Black Friday Sales

We don't believe in Black Friday Sales

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Nov 24, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

If you’re a long time Bulk Nutrients customer you’d know that we’re not really into sales and we don’t offer limited-time discounts on our products. In fact, very rarely do we discount our products, it’s just not our jam.

We might come across as a little boring, but there are good reasons why we separate ourselves from other retailers when it comes to discounts and sales.

What Bulk Nutrients believes in

At Bulk Nutrients, we don’t buy into the hype of Black Friday. We love our customers and strive to deliver the best quality products and services all year round.

Every day of the year you can buy our high-quality, Aussie made supplements at low prices.

All our supplements are manufactured by us in a converted apple cool store in Southern Tasmania and we source our ingredients from Australia wherever possible.

We have a friendly customer service team located onsite who are always available to help you find your ideal product and assist you with placing your order.

At Bulk, we believe in giving back to the community and do so by employing local people, supporting important charities such as Action and Development For Africa (AADFA) and backing grassroots sporting teams including Hobart United and events such as the Tasmanian Health and Fitness Expo.

We proudly support hundreds of sporting events each year so you get the chance to compete where you might not otherwise. You’ll find the Bulk Team at everything from regional bodybuilding shows in Bendigo to Melbourne’s largest marathon.

Our suggestion is to skip Black Friday and buy pure supplements in your own time.

With Bulk Nutrients, you can buy in bulk to save big and when you do you’re supporting an Australian company and even more Australians with a long trickle down effect.

Convinced? Browse our range now or grab a free sample.

Already a long time Bulk Nutrients customer? Thank you for sticking with us and not succumbing to the hype. We truly appreciate your support!

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