Welcome Al Reidie!

Welcome Al Reidie!

Posted by Al Reidie on Apr 30, 2014 in #Introductions.

Oh! Hello there

My story begins after having my first child, I fell into a deep state of depression and gained a lot of weight, one day I ate so much ice cre….

Ok. I just received a message from Ben Crowley saying we’ve already got a blog like this. I sent him a quick outline before I got star… wait there’s that “….” thing going on the screen of my phone, something else is coming through, apparently I’m not funny and should stick to the given task.

I’m Al Reidie and from 2003 to 2011 I was a competitive Bodybuilder. Where most people within the industry are known for their impressive physiques, I was more notorious for my boisterous, crude behaviour amongst my peers as well as in the eyes of the public as a representative of the sport. So, yeah, you could call me a bit of a ‘bad boy’, minus the bad of course.

I enjoyed a moderate amount of success by winning 5 state titles across various federations, as well as representing Australia at the 2011 Arnold Amateur Classic. Plastic trophies, bad moods, mirrors, calories and a constant need for self reassurance was my life for 9 straight years. I’ve posted a youtube video below to add some legitimacy to what I look like, as we all know that we’re a world which works on face value

It all changed though, I turned 30, one day I woke up in a cold sweat asking myself “Al, what the f*** are you doing with your life?” and even though it turned out to be a severe case of tonsillitis that had brought on the fever, hence producing the cold sweat and not the question itself – I still had no answer for myself, only tonsillitis and where was that going to be in 2 weeks when I finished my course of penicillin?  My body was hurting so much from the constant training, dieting, water loss, gaining 10 kg, losing 12 kg, fat bulk, lean bulk, ketosis, carb cycling, cheat meals, NO CHEAT MEALS or whatever the current fad was.

It became apparent to me that I did not love the sport any more. I needed out, I was trapped in a loveless relationship that was sucking away my finest years. I WAS THIRTY DAMNIT! I SHOULD BE OUT THERE, BEING PRETENTIOUS AND JUDGING PEOPLE. “Oh he’s under 30? Pfft try experiencing something in life dude” – “Oh he’s over 31? Pathetic, look at him, desperately trying to hold onto his youth.” I wanted to be that guy, well maybe not that guy, but a toned down, loveable version of him. If I kept going with the bodybuilding I was going to end up with a tribal arm sleeve, a bad tan, an Instagram account filled with photos of me in the mirror and the inclination to finish every sentence with the word “Bro”

Fate is a funny thing, if it wasn’t for my well fed, over mothered, pain in the arse cat jumping on my keyboard in a vain attempt to stifle some kind of affection from me ( Please, I’ve been brought up by Baby Boomers, my idea of affection is getting hit with a Canvas belt as opposed to a leather one ), I would of never come across Melbourne City Wrestling. A wrestling federation in my home state which puts on professional, entertaining shows, shows. What’s that? Second table down, middle picture….a frickin school?? Vicious Pursuit Wrestling Academy Email sent. Replied and try out booked.

Like all boys growing up, I spent countless hours wrestling a life size Spiderman costume, sewn together, then stuffed with newspaper – on a trampoline in the back yard. Wrestling and the superstars that inhabited it captivated the very essence of what I wanted to be. The physicality, drama and non stop action pulled me in through most my teenage years before society steps in and demands you to stop doing that, start acting cool and see that girl over there? She’s hot.

Now at 30 people are normally making the big stereotypical decisions in their lives. Growing up, moving out, financial stability, relationships, having kids and the likes of. No thanks. I’d already married my soul mate a few years back, I’d managed to set up a small online business to pay the rent and bills, life was going well and I had the time to pursue this reignited passion. It felt so right, I was happy, motivated, in shape and new it was time to enter the world of wrestling.

Entering the Vicious Pursuit Wrestling Academy I was 110 kg. Still in good shape but my muscle was constricted by certain movements. Flexibility and functionality were not really my forte. The head trainer Carlo Cannon, a man who was trained under WCW/WWE great Lance Storm and current MCW Champion smelled the weakness in me like a shark to blood in water, and was all over me at the try out. Circuit after circuit of burpees, kettlebell swings, push ups, football feet, three man weaves, to say it was intense is an understatement. I’d deliberately eaten very little in the morning as I knew I would of regurgitated if I had of had my customary oats, eggs and a shake. We backed that up with some ridiculous number of bumps ( in a rough rookie translation, a bump is a way of taking a fall on the mat, honestly it’s an art form in itself ) a few hundred ab crunches and some core work.

The lactic was high, the skin colour was that nice greenish/white hue but I made it. The head trainer was satisfied, a hand shake was given and we decided to take the next step to this sporadic story. I was introduced KC Cassidy who’s constantly doing work with Bulk Nutrients, I used the fact that I knew some people within the company to get her not to hate me. Cass had trained with Lance Storm as well and works as an overseer at the academy, being a female I thought she would easily succumb to my good looks, charming personality and B+ body odour but I’ve found it unusually hard to win her over, and am constantly at the mercy of her in ring demands. Also I was unfortunately introduced to Carlo’s number 1 protege ‘Emanuelle’ the schools version of Channing Tatum, but more on him in the next issue. I left the venue feeling good about what I accomplished, the people were passionate, the energy was high, I knew I’d found a new home and I knew this journey was destined to change things forever.

I will be getting into weight and wrestling training, supplementing, personality conflicts, general observations and more general BS in the next edition. Please direct all your complaints and questions to Bulk Nutrients, or comment below!

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