8 ways to stay active this winter

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 8 ways to stay active this winter from Bulk Nutrients blogs

1. Walk briskly to work or the bus stop

We can’t all walk to work, but maybe you can bike ride?

If not, find a bus stop that takes you to work and walk there. Or another good idea is to park further from work and walk the rest of the way in.

We know it’s cold, so use this as motivation to set a brisk pace and warm yourself up all over.

Two bonuses to walking part or all of the way to work are:

  1. You’ll gain fitness from your walking
  2. You’ll probably pay less for parking by leaving the car at home or parking out of the city!
Set an aim for how many steps you want to achieve!
Set an aim for how many steps you want to achieve!

2. Use a stand-up desk

While not a new invention, stand up desks are a fantastic way to get you out of your seat.

Not only are you more likely to get moving by having one, but you will also be less tired and more likely to embrace some other physical activity (such as a quick training session in your lunch break).

You can alternate between standing and sitting to avoid tired legs in the beginning and pretty soon you will find yourself standing more than sitting.

3. Get up for a drink of water every 45 minutes

Sometimes you can be so caught up in your work that hours can pass until you get up for a stretch.

It’s good to get up for a stroll, make a tea or grab some water to clear your head, get thinking and get the blood moving every 45 minutes or so.

You’ll find yourself more motivated and aware after it.

4. Get moving in your lunch break

Depending on your job, you’ll probably have half an hour or an hour break for lunch.

Pack a lunch that you can eat on the go like a healthy wrap and fruits and go for a nice brisk walk.

It doesn’t have to work up a sweat, just get moving to get the blood pumping and breathe in some fresh air!

If you are more serious about utilizing your time, you can of course always check out your local gym for a quick session or a lunchtime express class.

Go for a walk, do an express fitness class or do some bodyweight exercises.
Go for a walk, do an express fitness class or do some bodyweight exercises.

5. Do sit-ups in TV ad breaks

Ad breaks go on average for 2-3 minutes in length. This is heaps of time to smash out some sit-ups, planks or wall seats.

Make it a challenge as to how many burpees you can get out in the ad break. Repeat over three ads then pick a new exercise.

Pretty soon you will have found 20 odd minutes of movement.

6. Find a fit friend to help keep you motivated

Nothing beats being accountable to get you moving more than having a friend.

Find someone with like-minded goals that will get you going and turn your coffee catch-ups into power walks.

Making sure it is someone who will not easily flake on you and talk you out of the session. This is particularly important if you’re a bit easy to persuade out of the effort.

Set goals for each other!
Set goals for each other!

7. Be more organised

The more organised you are the less likely you are to risk not committing to your new fitness regime.

Plan ahead, get your gym clothes out the night before, pack your lunch and have your breakfast half prepared so you don’t have to think as much if you’re not a morning person.

Put the alarm away from the bed so you have to get out to turn it off. These are old tips and tricks for getting moving, but they are still around because they work.

If you can’t motivate yourself, pay for a PT to get you there. We guarantee once you make a financial commitment, you will get it done.

8. Get your kids involved in fitness

Or your pets too, fur babies still count right?

Take them with you jogging in the stroller. Or while they are playing in the park make a routine. For example, go over to the monkey bars, do squats in-between swing pushes and play chasings with your dog over 20m distance (think beep test style).

Your kids and pets need to get outside anyway, so incorporate your training into this!

There are plenty of ways to get moving a little more each day. Why not pick one and challenge yourself to do it for a couple of weeks. See how you feel!

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