Free home workouts to keep you inspired

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Free home workouts to keep you inspired courtesy of Bulk Nutrients

No equipment, no problem!

These workouts are designed for any fitness level and can be completed without equipment, just using your body weight and some household items.

Staying fit and active during self-isolation is important for both your physical and mental health. Being away from our friends and family during this time can leave us feeling a bit flat and down. Exercise has been proven to release endorphins, which can enhance mood and well-being. So, get active every day with either a walk, ride or run in the great outdoors, or a workout you can do from home!

Whether you're up for a sweaty HIIT session, a strengthening mat pilates workout or an intense ab builder, we have you covered!

Build abs at home

So you want to work on your abs? Champion climber Anna Davey, has just the workout for you.

This session is cardio based, with elements of strength training too. It combines five exercises back to back with options for three to five sets!

Anna's workout is a great way to gradually build ripper abs, but be warned…the core burn is real!

Four days of full body workouts

Here's a program to keep you going all week! These four home body weight sessions require no equipment and can be spaced out over seven days to provide you with a full week's worth of free sessions.

HIIT style training is well researched and has been proven to aid in losing weight and enhancing fitness levels.

In these videos, personal trainer Georgia Douglas guides you through how to stay fit with workouts suitable for any home space and any fitness level, just vary the pace for more or less difficulty.

Georgia Douglas - HIIT Workout A

Georgia Douglas - HIIT Workout B

Georgia Douglas - HIIT Workout C

Georgia Douglas - HIIT Workout D