Wonder Woman's Superhero HIIT Workout

Posted by Bridget Freeman in Workouts

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Transition straight from one exercise to the next with no rest until all exercises are done. This should take you about three minutes. Then rest for 45 seconds and repeat for as long as you can. If you feel you could go longer than 20 minutes, make your weights heavier and your rests shorter.

Everything should be tight in every movement – you’re working your core as well as every other muscle in your body.

Try out Bridget’s ultimate Wonder Woman HIIT workout.

Here’s how Wonder Woman keeps fit and strong

Full Squats8Get those hammies down on to your calves.
T Bar Rows8Don't swing your body!
Push-ups8Clap if possible.
Dumbbell Lateral Raises8Use control.
Sled Runsaround 30 stepsPush hard! You are chasing down the enemy.
Bent Leg Reverse Hyper-extensions Off Bench8Even Wonder Woman wants a peach.
Fit-ball Crunches or Hanging Leg Raises8Whichever works your abs hard in limited reps.
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