What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine occurs naturally within the fluid around an individual’s joints, bone marrow, animal bones, shellfish, and fungi. It’s chemically grouped in the class of amino sugars. Glucosamine particularly Glucosamine Sulphate is derived from shells of shellfish and is used to make dietary supplements. You may also find synthetic forms of Glucosamine Sulphate being made in laboratories.

Glucosamine serves as the building blocks for various functional molecules within our bodies but is mainly associated with the development and maintenance of cartilage in our joints. You may also find glucosamine in some animals and non-human tissues including animal bones, fungi, and shellfish shells. Supplemental forms of the chemical compounds are mainly obtained from these natural sources.

Glucosamine is mostly used to treat and prevent joint disorders including osteoarthritis. If you have joint disorders that tend to damage the cartilage, you may want to consume glucosamine dietary supplement because it helps form cartilage.

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How does glucosamine work?

The fluid and cartilage surrounding your joints help to cushion the joints. In people who suffer from osteoarthritis, there is a breakdown of cartilage making it become thin. As a result, there is increased joint friction, stiffness, and pain. Taking glucosamine supplements can help increase the fluid and cartilage surrounding an individual’s joints. It helps prevent the breakdown of the substances – fluid and cartilage.

Some researchers consider the sulphate part within glucosamine sulphate an important one. The body needs sulphate to produce cartilage – so, this is a reason why researchers think that glucosamine sulphate may work better compared to other forms of the chemical compound like N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine hydrochloride.

Can glucosamine be bad for you?

Essentially, glucosamine isn’t bad for you. Glucosamine supplements are mostly safe for many individuals. You should take the supplements as indicated in the label. As you know, excess of everything is harmful to the body and side effects are very rare when using the recommended dosage. So, take it in moderation or the body requires for healthy functioning.

Is glucosamine an allergen

Bulk Nutrients glucosamine sulphate is derived from shellfish and is not suitable for individuals with shellfish allergies.

Those with allergies to this should always check if the Glucosamine Sulphate is shellfish derived.

Does glucosamine affect ketosis?

Ketosis occurs when your body lacks sufficient amounts of carbohydrates to be able to burn for energy. What happens is that the body starts burning fat making ketones that are used for fuel.

Glucosamine supplementation will not have an effect on glucose metabolism, blood glucose levels, and blood sugar hormones sensitivity. Glucosamine contains calories that come from carbohydrates, and a serving of the supplement contains safe levels of carbs and calories that cannot knock you out of ketosis.

If you are more active, it’s likely that you can take more carbohydrates and still maintain a ketosis state.

Does glucosamine raise blood pressure?

Whilst glucosamine may not have an effect on blood sugar hormone sensitivity and glucose levels, there are concerns it may increase blood pressure among certain individuals.

Theoretically, it may increase blood sugar hormone levels that are linked to increased blood pressure, but this effect has not been seen or reported in humans.

It is best to monitor your blood pressure if you are taking a glucosamine supplement and suffer from high blood pressure. Otherwise, it is safe to take the supplement in the stipulated amounts.

Does glucosamine work for back pain?

Glucosamine supplement may not work in the treatment of back pain caused by osteoarthritis. Although it has been seen to help with osteoarthritis of the knees and joints, for the spine, it doesn’t provide relief. Evidence suggests that glucosamine doesn’t work for back pain.

How long does it take for glucosamine to start working?

Some individuals say that they start feeling better after some days of glucosamine supplementation, however, the majority of the individuals who take glucosamine supplements start having improvement or reduce painful symptoms after four to 12 weeks.

If you take the supplements for six months and you don’t feel any better, your condition may be beyond what Glucosamine is able to provide and further medical attention is needed by a professional.

Do you have osteoarthritis of the knees and joints? You may want to take glucosamine supplements to help relieve the symptoms and treat the conditions. This supplement can help with the repair of cartilage and the formation of the joint fluid. Bulk Nutrients offers you glucosamine supplement that you can start taking to help with joint pain. Promote your joint and knee health by taking glucosamine supplements from Bulk Nutrients in Australia.