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Dayne Hudson

Bulk Nutrients Expert Dayne Hudson

"You'll never be lean and have abs. That's not your genetics, get over it."

That's what people used to tell me when I was about 17.

And for anyone who has been told they look a certain way, or they'll never look a certain way, it stays with you forever.

Whilst I never got "drastically" overweight, I was called a "fat boy" with too much "excess baggage." It frustrated me and hurt me.

I started lifting weights at 16, and the day I got my driver's license took off the gym. It was time to prove everyone wrong and get lean.

With no idea what I was doing over the next few years, I made every single fat loss mistake there was to make.

Years later I was out working at a radio station in Sydney and was doing stupid things to diet like eating too few calories, not eating carbs or sugar at all, and exercising excessively.

I had absolutely no energy and couldn't do my job properly.

I still can't believe that I told myself that I didn't care if this diet lost my job in the quest to be lean.

Read that sentence again.

When radio news broke at work, I was also so slow to get off my chair and people were furious.

And that's when I hit rock bottom.

If you know what it feels like to be lost, hopeless, and have no path to answers, that's where I was.

Despite finishing the diet and being "lean", there was no smile on my face.

I was even lying to my parents to avoid going to dinner with them, so I could go to the gym, put my suit back on, and say I was "working late."

There HAD to be a better way to diet properly. It didn't have to be this hard, surely?

And that's when I hit rock bottom. I desperately needed a way out.

Enter science and truth

So that's when my journey really began. I started doing real research into weight loss: reading scientific journals and following the best scientists and nutritionists on social media.

My father, a radiologist, had a subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine and would teach me to decode scientific language and inform me of the latest breakthroughs.

I started learning about the facts of nutrition and weight loss and came to the unfathomable conclusion that the MAJORITY of what we're told about weight loss is a lie.

After years of research, I tried to diet again, and was blown away by the ease with which I could succeed with the right information! And this time there was a smile during these photographs, and it was real.

My first diets were accompanied by a GORGE until I was the original weight I started at (and then some), but now I could maintain my weight easier.

So after two weeks FOLLOWING my diet, guess what I did?

I did the shoot again!

Then I had a thought that kept me awake for days ..

The radio station worked at did news and current affairs around the clock across numerous shows. What if I could do a similar format, but on TV, broadcasting all the information that I'd learned?

I made a huge life and career decision, and quit my radio job to start a fitness TV show called Fit'n'Flexed. I remember the first moment I woke up unemployed, my laptop in my parent's lounge room at the end of the table, just waiting for me to achieve what felt like the impossible. I know people thought I was crazy and stupid.

But I just kept going.

And putting together a pilot, it was picked up by major free-to-air network station Channel Ten in Sydney, along with the Foxtel network!

Miraculously, people would recognise me on aeroplanes, restaurants, and in gyms, as the guy on their TV on weekends that would bring to light the scientific truth behind nutrition and weight loss.

I attracted Olympians like Michelle Jenneke, James Magnussen, and other luminaries like Tim Robards, Hattie Boydle, Anthony Mundine, Anthony Minichiello, Ellyse Perry, and UFC stars BJ Penn and Urijah Faber!

The show even sold into Asia, and I became an Australian media industry "go-to" for the truth behind weight loss and nutrition. And people loved the no nonsense approach to nutrition and weight loss:

I became the resident health and nutrition expert on Radio 2GB with Ben Fordham, featured on Studio Ten, and was even asked by Disney to appear on "Saturday Disney" to educate youngsters on health and nutrition!

It was a difficult moment to fathom; the young boy they said would never get lean was now sitting next to the most iconic Australian broadcasters and teaching them and their audience how to do just that.

Those moments where a producer would count me down to walk out on live TV or start a radio segment will stay with me forever.

In addition to this, my presence online gave me the opportunity of helping people right across the world from media celebrities, to billionaire entrepreneurs, and everyday people with nutrition plans, in concert with the science-based information I had spent years learning to help me achieve my dream.

And I'm keeping that information and mission alive today over at, to ensure your weight loss journey is far smoother than mine!

You can lose weight with anyone, but I want to make sure people learn the secrets of not only losing it but keeping it off FOR LIFE!

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