Which protein is best for my needs?

With so many choices, there is often a lot of confusion about which proteins are best. Well, the reason why we offer so many choices is that they all have their strengths, and all are great depending on your application.

Here is a checklist for those switching from another brand, or for those trying proteins for the first time.

Q) I want the best value money for protein I can get. Money is short, I want maximum bang for my buck.

A) In this application, good ole WPC can't be beaten. WPC has one of the best amino acid spreads available, is absorbed reasonably quickly - but not so fast to limit it's effectiveness when frequent shakes aren't possible, yet it tastes good and mixes well. If you're currently using a name brand "blend" consider using our WPC, as it's likely to be better nutritionally than your blend, yet at a much better cost.

Q) I want the best possible protein after training for building muscle and recovery. Taste isn't an issue, I want the best.

A) In this situation when you want results, then Hyper Hydrolyse is the best choice. Hydrolysed proteins are absorbed very quickly as they are somewhat "pre digested". The result of the enzymatic process which breaks down certain amino chains, is that your stomach will work less in breaking them down once ingested. Apart from being easier on the digestive tract, it means more rapid delivery to your muscles. Hydrolysed Proteins being very low in lactose also are the best choice for those with lactose issues.

Q) I want a protein that will sustain me all day as frequent meals aren't possible. I am also looking for a perfect "night"protein.

A) In the case of a sustained release protein, calcium caseinate and micellar casein are the best choices. These proteins create a curd in the stomach and are broken down very slowly. This is the perfect scenario when sleeping or for those who don't want to have frequent shakes. Calcium Caseinate is the more pure product, but Micellar Casein tastes and mixes a little better and is slightly better value for money.

Keep in mind, you can easily make your own "sustained release protein" by mixing a little of either casein with WPC or WPI. If this is what you are after, just buy 1kg of Casein for each 4 - 5kg of WPC or WPI.

Q) I just want one protein, I want something that tastes great and gives really good results, it must mix well and be really easy to drink.

A) and don't we all! Well, there is a reason WPI is our most popular protein as it really does do it all. It tastes fantastic (just like flavoured milk) mixes very well, and is extremely pure nutritionally. WPI can be used directly after training or at any time of the day. If you have previously bought other "brand name" WPIs you will really like ours. No fillers, exceptional purity and nothing but Whey Protein Isolate.

The second choice for an all in one protein is WPC. Better value for money for those on a tighter budget and only marginally less effective.

Q) I am a vegan and don't want an animal protein. Saying that, I want the best possible amino acid spread for building muscle and recovery.

A) Rice Protein has the best amino acid spread of all vegetable proteins, however compared to whey's and other animal proteins such as casein, rice protein isn't as complete. Rice Protein is great for those extremely sensitive to lactose and those who want absolutely no fat. Keep in mind that rice proteins aren't made to "drink" like instantised whey's which means they won't mix as well and will also taste quite grainy.

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