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Watch your's the Tasmania JackJumpers!

From knocking the reigning champs out of the grand final series in front of their home crowd in their first year, to making the finals again in their second...and then the third taking the Championship🏆. Tasmanian JackJumpers Basketball Team literally sprang out of the ground taking the NBL world by storm!

The Tasmania JackJumpers have been all-in since day one

March, march, march!

Founded in 2020, the Tasmania JackJumpers are the newest addition to the NBL. With Tasmania's rich basketball history and passionate fanbase, the arrival of the JackJumpers brought excitement and anticipation to the community.

The JackJumpers' success story has had a wide impact on the Tasmanian community and is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

As a Major Partner of the Tasmania JackJumpers, we at Bulk Nutrients are incredibly proud of their success and their hard work.

The JackJumpers have embraced their role as Tasmania's team, striving to connect with the community and inspire the next generation of basketball players. Their efforts have helped increase basketball's popularity in Tasmania, with more youth aspiring to don the green and gold jersey one day.

Tasmania JackJumpers are a force to be reckoned with

From day-one, with not much of an idea what the team will be like, and with punters betting odds against them, crowds watched on as the JackJumpers proved themselves to be fiercely competitive, with both an attack and defence game that proved they were a force to be reckoned with.

Their early success has helped them cultivate a loyal fanbase known as the "Ant Army". The Ant Army march into the MyState Arena (the JackJumpers' home), creating an electrifying atmosphere that fuels the team's performances. With every game, the JackJumpers strive to make their fans proud and leave a lasting impression on the league.

During half-time break, the Bulk Nutrients "Flex Cam" picks out the muscliest fans of them all!

Off the court, the JackJumpers have established a strong presence in the community. Actively engaging in charitable endeavours, supporting local initiatives and organisations. Through their involvement, they demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact and giving back to the people who support them.

The Tasmania JackJumpers Basketball Team has quickly become a symbol of pride for Tasmania. Their dedication to excellence, commitment to the community, and passion for the sport make them a formidable force in Australian basketball. As they continue to rise, the JackJumpers aim to inspire generations and leave an indelible mark on the basketball landscape in Australia and beyond.

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Tasmania JackJumpers Stats

Founded: 2020
Based: Hobart - Tasmania, Australia
Home Arena: MyState Bank Arena (DEC), Silverdome
Head Coach: Scott Roth
Team Captain: Clint Steindl

NBL Championships: 1 (2023-24)
NBL Grand Final MVP: Jack McVeigh (2023-24)
NBL Grand Final Appearances: 2 (2021-22, 2023-24)
NBL Finals Appearances: 3 (2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24)

All-NBL First Team: Milton Doyle (2022/23)
All-NBL Second Team: Milton Doyle (2023-24), Jack McVeigh (2023-24), Josh Adams (2021/22)

NBL Most Improved Player: Sean Macdonald (2023-24)
NBL Gametime Award: Jack McVeigh (2021-22)
NBL Coach of the Year: Scott Roth (2021/22)

Season 2023-24
Regular season: 3rd [28 - 16 - 12 .5714 107.82]
Post-season: Champions🏆[NBL Finals 3 - 2 Melbourne], [Semifinals 2 - 1 Perth], [Seeding qualifier 92–76 Illawarra]

Season 2022-23
Regular season: 4th [28 - 16 - 12 .5714 103.47]
Post-season: 3rd [Semifinals 1 - 2 New Zealand], [Seeding qualifier 87–79 Cairns]

Season 2021-22
Regular season: 4th [28 - 17 - 11 .6071 100.45]
Post-season: 2nd [NBL Finals 0 - 3 Sydney], [Semifinals 2 - 1 Melbourne]

Jack the Jumper - the JackJumpers mascot with Bulk Nutrients Tote Bag

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