Good for you, your friends and your family

Aussies make some of the best products in the world, so when you buy locally you’re supporting local jobs, the economy and you can be confident that it’s of the highest quality.

Buying Australian Made also helps keep your family and friends employed, as it ensures Aussie grown produce is readily available in your supermarket and allows small businesses to thrive in a market where international conglomerates dominate.

But most of all, buying home-grown products helps Australia prosper.

We already know that Australia is the best place to live in the world (yes, we're a little biased) but by choosing Aussie Made products in our day to day lives, we can help it continue to flourish.

Set in the idyllic Huon Valley, Bulk HQ is unassuming from the outside

In southern Tasmania, Bulk HQ is actually a converted apple cool store

Aussie Made

What’s more Australian than supplements being manufactured in a converted apple shed in Southern Tasmania? Not much really!

Your favourite Bulk Nutrients products are made in a small town best known best for its apples, but we love employing local people to become part of the dream team supplying pure supplements to athletes across the country.

Plus, when we can create pure, affordable Australian supplements right here, there's no need to go anywhere else!

We love that our raw ingredients are sourced from Australia wherever possible. To us, being Aussie Made is all part of the Bulk Nutrients identity.

Founder and Managing Director Ben Crowley accepting the 2015 Telstra Business Award for best Tasmanian Medium Business

Founder Ben Crowley accepting the 2015 Telstra Business Award for best Tasmanian Medium Business

Aussie Owned

Bulk Nutrients is a fair dinkum Australian company and definitely not an Australian division of an international conglomerate.

In fact, Bulk Nutrients was the result of one Aussie man’s dream to change the way supplements are bought and sold in Australia, and from that moment on it's become a real family business.

Bulk was built and still runs to this day by the extended Crowley family. These family foundations have only grown with each employee joining the team becoming part of a big Bulk family. There’s always plenty of laughs and enjoyable moments to be had at Bulk HQ!

Bulk Nutrients is and always will always be Australian Owned.

The team working at Bulk HQ has grown immensely in the last few years

Always happy faces of the staff at Bulk HQ

Aussie Operated

Bulk Nutrients does all it's manufacturing, dispatch, marketing, research and development and customer service on site in Tasmania. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Employing fellow Tasmanians is essential for us as we live and work in a state where unemployment is a real issue.

We want to change this statistic, so we strive to support as many local families as we can.

This is why Bulk Nutrients is very proudly Aussie Operated.

Bulk Nutrients staff and customers at the Sole Motive Active Tri Series

Bulk Nutrients staff and customers recently competed in an Active Tri Series event

Aussie Support

Being an Australian business ourselves, we know how important it is to support fellow Aussies. This is why we source Australian ingredients wherever we can.

We source flavourings from the Essential team in Victoria, our oats from South Australia and our Hemp Protein is produced by local farmers right here in Tasmania!

To us, working with and supporting other Aussie businesses is a must.

Bulk Nutrients staff and customers at the Sole Motive Active Tri Series

A few fans who love their Bulk Nutrients products

Aussie Fans

At Bulk, we want to help each and every one of you achieve your goals on your health and fitness journey. No matter if you’re a gym newbie or a professional athlete, we’re here for all of you.

Did you know that we sponsor more than 100 events a year? From supporting Aussie bodybuilding shows like WBFF, student events like the Snow Unigames, to iconic Aussie events like Run the Rock and Raw Challenge Tasmania; we’ll fuel you and cheer you on!

We love supporting charity events as much as we can like our Ambassador Kyle Williams’ White Lion 3 Peaks Challenge Man vs Machine, which raised funds for youth at risk.

Supporting our fans and these amazing Australian events is a very special part of what we do at Bulk Nutrients, we feel privileged to be a part of it all.

"We'll always be proudly Australian"

A message from our founder and managing director

Hey there,

At Bulk Nutrients, we’re very proud to be Aussie owned, made and operated. It’s part of what makes us who we are!

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have access to a wide variety of amazing raw ingredients and at Bulk we use as many of these as we can.

Our organic Hemp Protein is 100% Australian along with many of our carbohydrates and flavourings too, such as our pure oats from South Australia our flavourings from Victoria.

We know that by using as many Australian products and services as we can, this has a knock-on effect to local jobs and the economy.

There’s nothing like supporting other Australians and allowing our great nation to prosper. It truly is an amazing place we live in.


How did Bulk Nutrients begin?

The concept behind Bulk Nutrients began in 2004 while Managing Director Ben Crowley was living in Japan teaching English. He found that supplements were near impossible to come by so began buying what he needed from America and having it shipped to Japan.

America had a vast range of supplements and better than that, they were much more affordable compared to prices in Australia and Japan. After some further investigation, Ben discovered that unlike Australia the American market was very competitive and employed streamlined systems.

Ben saw this as a fantastic concept that could be replicated in Australia.

This way, high quality Australian raw ingredients could be used to produce a pure Australian line of supplements. Plus, utilising a streamlined system meant there was no need for middlemen, just factory to customer as simple and inexpensive as can be.

With a great idea in place, Bulk Nutrients was born.

Bulk Nutrients today

Today Bulk Nutrients supports and sustains Australians everywhere. We employ more than 45 full time staff and process a massive 75 tonnes of stock a month.

Despite Bulk HQ being nestled in a small country town, it certainly doesn’t disappoint with size. The factory totals over 2500m², with 5 manufacturing areas and over 1000m² of raw and finished goods storage.

Australia s Bulk Nutrients

More than 160,000 customers have shopped online at Bulk Nutrients in the last few years.

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Protein Matrix+ is the new standard

Protein Matrix+ is the new standard

Protein Matrix+ combines Australian WPC and Australian Micellar Casein with high quality WPI. This makes Protein Matrix+ hormone free and high in Glutamine, EAAs and BCAAs.

Protein Matrix+ is so creamy, you'll swear it's a milkshake!

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Shopping at Bulk helps the Australian economy

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