All You Need To Know About Earth Protein

All You Need To Know About Earth Protein

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Nov 12, 2018

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Considering making the switch to a plant-based protein? Be sure to read this blog for all the details on our most popular vegan blend. 

The ulimate plant-based protein blend

When it comes to a dairy free protein powder that contains all the necessary amino acids for muscle growth and recovery and only the nutrients you need to live a healthy life, we always recommend Earth Protein.

At Bulk Nutrients, we consider our Earth Protein one of the finest products we have. While it is incredibly well priced compared to similar products on the market, we think its so good that it really does convert people from the dairy side….

However…it wasn’t always this good. We always have and will continue to improve this blend as we develop the flavour and the texture on an ongoing basis. Because development for Bulk Nutrients is never static, especially when it comes to plant power.

What is Earth Protein and why is it so good?

Earth Protein is a combination of 100% organic rice protein and natural yellow Canadian pea protein. It’s this combination that works exceptionally well together. You see, while rice and pea are both great protein sources, together they work even better – we think it’s true love.

Like any good relationship, one partner can bring a bit more to the table in one area, where the other rounds off a weakness with a strength, that’s no different for rice and pea.

While both have similar amino acid profiles, pea has a higher level of aspartic acid and lysine, while rice protein balances with its higher methionine, cysteine and alanine levels. The end result? A complete spectrum of amino acids!

In terms of texture and flavour, there’s plenty of complimentary behaviour going on here. While rice protein can be hard and gritty, the pea adds texture and smoothness.

Nutritionally, pea protein has higher levels of healthy fats and rice protein has higher carbohydrate levels, so they balance out each other quite well to offer a low carb/low fat blend. Plus, rice balances out peas slightly higher sodium content while still maintaining a great taste. They are truly a match made in heaven.

Earth Protein is a premium plant protein with a full spread of amino acids

Flavouring and sweetening the deal

Regardless of how good the proteins are, plant proteins are won and lost on their flavours. While artificial sweeteners are common with whey, we understood that most of our plant protein customers wanted a product which was 100% natural. It’s for this reason our flavouring utilises only natural ingredients and our sweetener uses nothing but stevia.

The secret to our success here though is balancing the bitterness and strength with two very special stevias, which once again work perfectly in unison. These have been trialled and refined over many years to suit the most discerning palates.

More flavours, more options, more yum!

At Bulk Nutrients we know how much you like variety, so we’re always looking to offer more with our plant-based products. What started with Chocolate and Vanilla was strengthened with Salted Caramel.

Be on the look out for some more flavours in the future, as we are constantly releasing new flavours and offer limited edition flavours too.

Earth protein comes in five delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Choc Honeycomb, Choc Coconut & Salted Caramel.

Earth Protein offers quality and value

With our Earth Protein and entire plant range, our priority is to offer good value on real, effective products. While many companies exploit the niche and charge significantly higher prices for their plant proteins, we believe in giving our customers great value for money. Because a product which requires less processing, less resources and less waste should not cost consumers the Earth, right? (mind the pun).

At well under $1 per serve, Earth Protein offers an awesome alternative to whey. It can be used as a standalone protein to help you build muscle and recover or simply added alongside whey or casein to provide more variety to your diet. No matter how you have it, Earth Protein is the real deal!

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