Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Posted by Kyle Williams on May 03, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Whether your goal is building muscle, getting leaner or looking great naked, your gym results all depend on the following equation.

Sufficient training stress + sufficient recovery time = progress

If there’s one area everyone can improve on, it’s sufficient recovery time and in particular, sleep.

Sleep is far and away the most effective recovery method and can be supercharged thanks to Bulk NutrientsMax Sleep supplement formula.

In our non-stop 24/7 lives of longer working hours and never-ending online interactions, most of us aren’t getting either the duration or quality of sleep we truly need to benefit the most from our training.

Not many of us get enough sleep.

Why we need sleep

Sleep is an incredibly restorative process for the body, when major body hormonal processes are initiated. You’ll only ever get bigger muscles and a leaner waistline from when you sleep!

Max Sleep is a product developed by Bulk Nutrients to promote relaxation and recovery, assist with sleep quality, and increase growth hormone levels. Max Sleep contains a synergistic blend of six key ingredients in scientifically valid doses that have been proven to improve sleep duration and quality. Each 2.7g serve of Max Sleep contains GABA 1500mg, Picamilon 100mg, Mucuna Pruein 100mg, L Tryptophan 50mg, 5 HTP 50mg, and Vitamin B6 10mg.

I’ve been using Max Sleep since it was released and it has been an absolute god-send for me. Since using Max Sleep, I have consistently had much deeper and more restorative sleep, more vivid and complex dreams and awake much more refreshed. Most importantly, it helps me quickly relax and down regulate my mind immediately before sleep; a game-changer if you struggle to fall asleep.

We’ve found the answer to your sleep troubles.

Top tips for supplementing with Max Sleep

After using Max Sleep for awhile now, I have discovered the following five things can really upgrade Max Sleep’s effectiveness:

  1. Take it on an empty stomach approximately 15 to 20 minutes before getting into bed.
  2. After taking Max Sleep, perform five minutes of quiet meditation, deep breathing or box breathing prior to hoping into bed.
  3. Stacking it with Bulk NutrientsZMA supercharges the effects (ZMA is another great sleep assisting and growth hormone spiking supplement).
  4. As your body can adapt to the key ingredients in Max Sleep, it’s best to cycle your usage. For everyday of use, you need to have another day of not using it e.g. Use for four days consecutively, then don’t use for four days consecutively.
  5. Don’t take it more than seven days in succession without a ‘wash out’ or cycle period.

You can purchase Max Sleep now via the Bulk Nutrients online store 

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