Back To Routine

Back To Routine

Posted by Lara Gya on Jan 31, 2018

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I’m always hesitant coming back from holidays about falling into a bad mindset of over training and eating poorly.

I am not sure why I always doubt myself, is it because I did exactly this last year?

After my last trip, I was determined not to fall into this trap again. The trap of overindulging, over training, and going back to square one. I can confidently say I have learnt a lot; not only from this year but also from my mistakes.

After spending a decent time away, I can confidently say I had a long and well deserved rest.

Easing back into routine

I have finally come off my holiday high and have settled down into my normal routine which consists of work, training, food prep, social time and university study.

For me competing is a 24/7 sport. This means I still eat, prep and stay consistent even in my off season. I like to stay accountable and make smart decisions which will benefit me in my off season, as it will make next comp season more manageable.

Since coming back my training load has stayed consistent with what I was doing at the beginning of my prep. I love training and have never found it a chore. If I could train everyday I would, but at this point in time I need to be realistic, and focus on growing.

My goals at the moment are to put on size, stay lean, get strong and have flexibility. That also means eating in a calorie surplus, saying goodbye to my hard earned abs and making smart decisions.

My current training

At the moment my weekly split consists of five weight training sessions, three functional sessions which includes an active recovery day, and one full rest day.

Last year I was obsessed with training and wanted to maintain my comp body. I wanted to train everyday in excess, and would find any excuse to exercise. I developed a bad relationship with food, and would only go out for meals if it meant I had exercised that day. My cheat/reefed meals would result in binge eating which left me overly sick. I did not want to fall back into these bad habits again and am more determined than ever to stay on track.

I have learnt so much from myself this year and my understanding of macros, weight training and refeeds has evolved. I can confidently say I am not going to be falling back into last years habits and have set goals and plans in place to keep me on track.

Since coming back, I have found time to train with ease as it is something I enjoy. For me, training has always been the easy part; it gives me a chance to bond with my sister, learn new things, build strength and get pushed.

Whilst I was in Bali, I had the opportunity to experiment with different training methods which included; Pilates, yoga, group classes and of course cross-fit. Having time off and trying new things has definitely made me crave coming back to my routine at home even more.

At the moment, I love having the freedom to do what I want and experiment with different training methods. I am also loving my current weight sessions which are based around building strength and of course getting in some serious gains.

My current diet

I recently downloaded My Fitness Pal which has allowed me to have more flexibility with my meal options whilst still keeping accountable for hitting my daily macros. I find it easier to macro count as it keeps me accountable and consistent.

Eating in a calorie surplus is pretty awesome and since my metabolism has kicked in my macros have increased dramatically since ending comp season. I am pretty much eating like a man and feeling full all the time. Whilst I am being flexible, that does not mean being stupid. Flexibility with food means eating healthy, nutritious foods which keep me within my macro count (I am not about to fit a Mars Bar into my daily macros).

At the moment, I am focusing on all the positives and shutting negativity out. It is hard coping criticism in my off season as I continually received it in my comp season. Being called skinny and gaunt isn’t nice, nor is having people shove food in your face and asking when you are going to be normal again.

It’s criticism and negativity that only makes me stronger. For me this is a lifestyle and not some silly fad. I choose to eat healthy, exercise and stay fit because I enjoy it, plus it makes me happy.

I can say that my off season is well underway and I am loving every second of it. I am enjoying having the freedom and not to mention pressure off my back.

Bring on the gains!

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