Bulk Nutrients is a REDcycle Partner!

Bulk Nutrients is a REDcycle Partner!

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jan 17, 2019

At Bulk Nutrients, we really value sustainability. So much so that we've become a partner of REDcycle!

Reducing the amount of waste we create and recycling where possible is so important to us here at Bulk Nutrients.

It comes into decisions we make every day, and for this reason, we decided to become a REDcycle partner!

But first things first, let's talk about why we should all be recycling...

Why recycling is so important

Recycling helps to protect the environment and supports sustainability for the years to come.

In today's society, we produce a lot of waste product and recycling gives it a second life (and many more!).

As you probably know, waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Why you ask?

When you take your rubbish bin out for collection each week, your rubbish is sent to landfill sites which release some really harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses.

Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution.

As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

When you recycle you can help...

  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills sites and incinerators
  • Provide a new use for a previous ‘waste' product
  • Conserve natural resources such as timber, water and minerals
  • Reduce pollution by decreasing the need to collect new raw materials

Overall the act of recycling helps to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change, and we think that's pretty darn important!

Bulk Nutrients' REDcycle Partnership

We wanted to take our passion for sustainability a step further, so we joined the team at REDcycle.

We're really excited to be partnering with REDcycle and to promote the great work they’re doing for environmental sustainability.

The REDcycle Program was developed by Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation RED Group as a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

They teamed up with Coles and Woolworths (as drop off points) as well Australia's favourite brands (like us!) for support in keeping plastic bags and soft plastic packaging out of landfill.

When you drop soft plastics off they're taken to Replas who completely transform them into a variety of products from outdoor furniture and decking to road base products and even outdoor gyms and parks!

How recyclable is Bulk Nutrients' packaging?

Very! You can recycle all of our packaging, just via different ways!

Some packaging is fine to pop straight into your council recycling bin and the rest can be recycled via REDcycle.

Items that can be REDcycled

Hard Plastic Items that can go in your household recycling bin

Since you're collecting your Bulk Nutrients pouches for recycling, you might as well collect any other soft plastics you want to recycle!

Bread bags, pasta and rice bags and even frozen food and veggie bags are all accepted at REDcycle drop off points.

For more info on what you can REDcycle refer to this page.

Do the scrunch test

It's as it sounds, if it's soft plastic and can be scrunched up into a ball, you can REDcycle it!

Most other hard plastics can go into your kerbside recycling, just check your local council website for info on what can go in your council bin and what you may need to take elsewhere for recycling.

Get REDcycling today!

Keen to start REDcycling your Bulk Nutrients pouches and see them turned into something pretty cool from Replas?

Find your nearest REDcycle drop off point here.

Let's look after our environment and reduce, reuse, REDcycle team Bulk!

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