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Carbohydrates are essential in the art of making gains outside of the gym. And although they get a bad rap, they play an important role in being the body’s preferred energy source.

True... the body can get all the energy it needs from proteins and fats, but these macros don’t allow it to perform at the most optimal level... this is where the carbs come in!

Consuming powdered carbohydrate supplements makes it easy to hit your macro goals, not to mention allowing you to fuel up at the right times, offering real convenience at a low cost.

Why are carbs important for training?

Since carbs are the body’s preferred energy source, they’re even more important when it comes to strenuous exercise, helping to power through your workout all while preventing muscle breakdown (catabolism).

Plus they help to replenish glycogen, aid with recovery and ensure you’re reaping the gains you’re forever chasing!

We recommend using a high glycemic carb source before and during training to improve performance and sustain energy levels.

The easiest way to do this? ...with a carbohydrate supplement from Bulk Nutrients of course!

2022 Buyers Guide to Carbohydrates

So which carbohydrate is best for you? Let’s help you decide by running through our products below...

Carb+ is a favourite of many high level athletes and hardworking gym goers, combining three different sources of carbs to ensure energy levels are sustained throughout long and challenging training session.

Dextrose Monohydrate is ideally taken as a post workout carb hit. It’s a single chained carbohydrate which is absorbed very rapidly by the body and works to increase blood glycogen levels to promote muscle recovery and growth.

Fine Powdered Oats are a low GI, slowly absorbed carbohydrate which can help sustain energy over extended periods of time. This makes it ideal to include in a smoothie or shake to help keep you feel full for longer.

Maltodextrin is a multiple chained carbohydrate and is absorbed very quickly which makes it a great intra workout carbohydrate supplement. It’s much gentler on the stomach than dextrose, and boost energy.

Finding the right carb powder for you

Feel free to contact us for assistance in choosing a carbohydrate supplement (or any others), we’re more than happy to help.

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Because we have the best carb powders for your goals!

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High quality carbohydrates from Bulk Nutrients can help increase your training output, fast track recovery and support muscle development.

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