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Fitness Test Guidelines to Be a Police Officer in Australia

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Bridget Freeman doing a lung.

Tasmania Police Fitness Guidelines

Recruiting Services will conduct a Fitness Test at Tasmania Police Academy, South Arm Road, Rokeby.


The assessment tool is your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a value derived from the mass and height of a person. Here is a tool to help you calculate your BMI. Body Mass index required to be eligible to join is for both males and females to have a BMI between 20-29.9.

Waist Hip Ratio

Waist to hip ratio is a measurement that compares the size of your waist in inches to the size of your hips in inches commonly used by doctors to determine the risk of Heart Disease.

  • Males must have no more than 0.95.
  • Females must have no more than 0.85.

The 20m Multistage Fitness Test (The beep test)

The dreaded beep test. You may have done this at school, this test is a test of your stamina and fitness that include short intervals of running. Results are dependent on ages:



Self-explanatory here just make sure your form is correct.

  • Males require 20 push-ups in 60 seconds.
  • Females require 6 push-ups in 60 seconds.

The Illinois Agility Test

This test is not so easy and requires practice even for those that feel like they will have it covered.

  • Males need to complete the test in 20 seconds.
  • Females need to complete in 22 seconds.

Grip Strength

Grip strength is used to measure the combined gripping strength of the hands that is needed to fire weapons, apply restraints, and control violent offenders.

  • Males must obtain a minimum score of 45 on each hand.
  • Females must obtain a minimum score of 25 on each hand.
A sail boat at princess wharf in Hobart, Tasmania.

Queensland Police Service (QPS) Fitness Guidelines

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has four different stages to their testing. QPS conduct a physical skills test at the Queensland Police Service Academy at four different stages. They also call these 'gates'.

Gate One

  • 90 Second Prone Bridge Test (also known as the "plank") – This is a true test of your core strength. You may be left shaking after 90 seconds of this if you have not performed this exercise before.
  • Push-ups – 10 push-ups less strict than Tasmania no time limit.
  • Beep Test – For entry-level for the academy you need to be Level C (minimum), and exiting the academy need to at Level B (minimum), See levels below.
MaleLevel A (>9.4) Level B (9.3 - 8.6) Level C (8.5 - 7.8)Level A (>8.5) Level B (8.4 - 7.10) Level C (7.9 - 7.1)Level A (>7.7) Level B (7.6 - 7.1) Level C (6.10 - 6.3)
FemaleLevel A (>7.5) Level B (7.4 - 6.10) Level C (6.9 - 6.3)Level A (>7.1) Level B (6.10 - 6.5) Level C (6.4 - 5.6)Level A (>6.5) Level B (6.4 - 5.7) Level C (5.6 - 5.1)

Gate Two

  • Urban Environmental Simulator (obstacle course) - This obstacle course is designed to replicate the urban environment comprised of 13 obstacles to test your speed and agility and reflexes.

Gate Three

  • Urban Environmental Simulator (obstacle course)
  • Beep Test

Gate Four

  • You’re not done yet with push-ups and plank. You have to repeat Gate One: 90 Seconds Prone Bridge, 10 Push-up, Beep Test.
  • Complete a Body Drag - This is designed as part of the police’s role may be to drag an unconscious victim.
Skyscrapers near the water in Brisbane, Queensland.

Australian Federal Police (ACT) Fitness Guidelines

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Policing is considered the community arm of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). To complete the required fitness tests, you must obtain an AFP medical certificate beforehand. The Entry Physical Competency Assessment is required to evaluate what applicants are capable of.

The tests include three exercises:

  • The beep test - A score is required for 6.5 and above.
  • Push-up test – Males at least 15 push-ups, females 8 push-ups – no time frame.
  • Phased Sit-ups – Level 4 score and above.
Parliament lawns in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.
Australian Capital Territory

Fitness Guidelines for the WA Police

Western Australia (WA) testing is slightly different to other states but still has the same exercises just different names. They call their fitness test the police physical evaluation. You will be given 3 attempts to complete the evaluation successfully, and if you fail all 3 attempts, you will be forced to wait 12 months before attempting it again.

Here is a snapshot of the test:

  • Shuttle run (beep test) – The same test as previously stated scores will be dependent on your age see table below.
  • One sit-up – Easy compared to other military organisations. Three attempts to complete this one.
  • Grip strength – 30kg each hand for both males and females.
  • Push-ups – 10 push-ups required you have 3 seconds to rest between each push-up.
  • Bag Lift and Carry – 35kg Bag carry for 20 meters at the height of your hip and lift it up safely onto a 70cm high table. You have two chances to complete this.
  • Illinois Agility Test – This test will be modified depending on your age and gender.
The waterfront in downtown Perth, Western Australia.
Western Australia

New South Wales Police Force

The New South Wales Police Force has much of the same as all the other police forces with the addition of a vertical jump test.

  • Grip Strength – 30kg in each hand.
  • Prone Hold – 90-second plank test.
  • Vertical Jump – 30cm or greater, measures how high the applicant can jump that is used to measure power and lower body strength.
  • Push-ups – 25 push-ups for both males and females. Only 1 attempt here pretty tough compared with other states.
  • Illinois Agility Test – As mentioned previously 20 seconds or less, two attempts.
  • Beep Test – You must reach a score of at least 7.1 in just one attempt.
The sunsetting over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, New South Wales.
New South Wales

Victoria Police Fitness Guidelines

Victoria Police has most of the tests are the same as all other states with the addition of an obstacle climb and swim test.

There are 7 components to the assessment:

  • Grip Strength – 30kg each hand
  • 5 push-ups (easiest of all states 😉)
  • Prone Bridge Test – 60 seconds usually required 90 seconds in other states)
  • Obstacle Climb – new addition different to other states. 1.3m obstacle that you must safely get over. Only 1 attempt allowed.
  • Beep Test – See diagram above each applicant must meet at least level 5.1 and above.
  • Illinois Agility Test – 9.14m x 4.16m course under 20 seconds. The starting point is lying on your stomach.
  • Swim Test – 100m required in under 4 minutes. Any stoke can be used. Feet not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool and you are not allowed to hold onto any lane attachments.
A tram travelling through inner city Melbourne, Victoria.

Northern Territory Police Fitness

The hardest testing of all police forces is in the Northern Territory.

Weighted vest run - Complete obstacle course in 2 minutes and 40 seconds wearing 10kg vest.

  • 70kg dummy drag - the applicant must drag a 70kg dummy for 15 meters.
  • The balance beam two meters long test requires applicants to walk down a two-meter-long beam without stepping off.
  • The simulated curb huddle involves running and stopping to step over tire stops.
  • Step-ups a series of steps up onto a 30cm box the test is aimed at testing your ability to climb stairs.
A silhouette of a bird flying past a sunrise painted on a roller door at a pristine beach in Darwin, Northern Territory.
Northern Territory

South Australia Police

Last up is South Australia Police. This test is similar to Northern Territory for the duration of the test you wear a 10-kg weighted vest and complete a series of actions for time. The test will assess your endurance, strength and speed so make sure you train for it properly.

You will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • running 80 meters,
  • running 25 meters while carrying two 15 kg weights,
  • doing 20 step-ups,
  • climbing over a one-meter fence,
  • dropping to your stomach five times, and
  • collecting a training firearm and triggering it 13 times with each hand.
  • crossing a slippery balance beam.

Before beginning the test, you will be given 5 different physical characteristics of a person that you must remember and state 3 times during the test. These features may be ethnicity, height, eye colour etc. The whole test you must complete under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

An old, gothic church lit up with lights at night in Adelaide, South Australia.
South Australia

Police Fitness Guides Summary

That covers all the different states, and I would have to say Northern Territory takes it out for being the hardest testing. The beauty of this testing is you can give it a go with minimal equipment or challenge your family to it to change things up.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to train, eat and get your body in a position to enter the police force.

For further information access each state government police website for further specifics and helpful links to help you get there.

Bulk Ambassador Andy Leigh performing a set of push-ups at the beach.

Ben Disseldorp


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