Natural – The Bulk Nutrients way

Natural – The Bulk Nutrients way

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jul 09, 2019

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What does Natural mean to you?

Whether you're a Bulk Nutrients customer or not, you'll likely know about our passion for Plant Proteins , Plant-based greens products, as well as our natural range of Whey Proteins.

Over the last few years we've expanded our range, continually improving our products in terms of effectiveness, taste and texture – the last always being a factor with plant products. We believe sustainable plant-based and natural products have a huge future, and every day we invest in them.

While we generally focus on what we stand for – this blog is as much about what we stand against at Bulk Nutrients. Here, we are making a clear stand against the interpretation many companies have of what is “natural”.

We’d encourage you as a customer to determine what “natural” means to you.

So, what is natural to Bulk Nutrients?

At Bulk Nutrients our plant proteins start with 100% Brown Rice Protein, 100% Canadian Yellow Pea and 100% Tasmanian Hemp usually processed with water, which maximises goodness.

Our Whey proteins use grass fed dairy proteins which are processed using cold extraction – which optimises their natural levels of amino acids. From here, we're all about minimisation. We want to maximise the goodness, by adding as little as possible.

Natural flavours means no artificial flavours

Natural at Bulk Nutrients means we use a range of natural flavours instead of anything artificial. Artificial flavours use isolated synthesised chemicals which mimic the flavours found in nature. In comparison, all the flavours in our naturals range utilise flavours which are extracted from fruits, vegetables and other food sources using traditional methods such as drying and fermentation.

Stevia and natural sweeteners – no numbers!

To our great surprise, we were amazed to see a major plant-based competitor use sucralose (955) as a sweetener in their plant proteins. While there is nothing wrong with sucralose – we think it’s the best artificial sweetener - which is why we use it in our regular whey protein.

In our natural proteins however, our standards are very strict. We ONLY use Stevia and Monk Fruit, which are both completely natural, being extracted from plants.

For us, it’s a no brainer that natural plant proteins and artificial sweeteners don’t go together.

No Creamers at Bulk Nutrients

While these can be plant-based, animal-based or artificial, we see the use of creamers as unnecessary processing aids. At Bulk Nutrients, we don’t believe in long ingredient lists, we believe in pure ingredients, focusing on what you need – with the bottom line being ingredients you understand.

No Added Amino Acids at Bulk Nutrients

While free form Amino Acids are a huge part of Bulk Nutrients range, we draw a line in the sand at adding free form amino acids to our proteins.

While some companies claim these are “plant-based” – virtually all of our amino acids would be classified as this, we don’t think a heavily processed ingredient like this which started as a starch or a plant should be added to any product we promote as natural.

It’s for this reason our natural plant and whey proteins maintain the amino acid spectrums that nature intended – we don’t manipulate them at all.

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