Earth Meal - The complete plant-based meal replacement

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Earth Meal - The complete plant-based meal replacement

Earth Protein is the perfect base

After creating and refining Earth Protein over the last few years, we decided it was too good to keep as a stand-alone product. At the same time, some investigation determined that there was a lack of high protein, nutritious, genuine plant-based meal replacements on the market, so we set out to develop one.

We took several months to survey hundreds of customers to determine what you wanted and what you didn’t, combining feedback with the knowledge of our R&D Team.

Using our Earth Protein as a base we combine organic brown rice protein with Canadian yellow pea protein. The balanced amino acid spectrum is high in branched-chain and essential amino acids, healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. Best of all it has a creamy, rich texture. We knew that beginning with this would give us a great head start when creating a meal replacement.

Earth Meal is a plant-based product and it’s every vegan bulker’s dream.

What is the nutritional breakdown?

After surveying customers, it was clear that high protein was a key factor in selecting a meal replacement, however we didn’t want to stop there. You told us that a meal replacement should be high in protein, contain moderately absorbed carbohydrates and also be low in sugar and high in fibre.

The final nutritional breakdown of our Earth Meal for a 60g serve is 24.5g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates and 7g of fibre per serve. It contains 4g of healthy fats with less than 1g of sugar per serve. These are impressive numbers, and ones that are not compromised by the fact it is a plant-based product.

All the natural, healthy bits

We’ve had a bit of experience making meal replacements, starting with our whey-based Total Meal Replacement. With Earth Meal we know you wanted things a little different though, so we carefully selected the finest Australian oats and Canadian pea starch as carbohydrate sources. These add a natural texture and flavour which are missing in many highly refined carbohydrates.

On top of that, we have added rich servings of barley grass, chia and flaxseed which provide high levels of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fibre isn’t something we want to leave out of a meal replacement, so we’ve added even more fibre in the way of peas.

As with our Earth Protein, we utilise the same 100% natural flavouring and stevia blend which has no bitterness and is pleasantly sweet.

Earth Meal and Earth Protein utilises 100% natural flavouring and stevia blend which has no bitterness and is pleasantly sweet.

We’re fastidious about being animal-free

While many customers want a plant-based protein and meal replacement due to health reasons, we also realise that many make this choice for ethical reasons.

At Bulk Nutrients, close enough is never good enough which is why we go to an incredible level of detail with our formulas.

Usually, a fortified vitamin and mineral blend (which is imperative to meal replacements) would include an animal-based Vitamin D, however at Bulk Nutrients we have gone to great lengths to source a specific non-animal-based D, so we can guarantee our product is 100% animal-free, rather than 99.9999% animal-free!

It’s these details that ensure we can promote these products with integrity while being open and transparent about what we do. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

A plant-based meal replacement that tastes great and is well priced

While a nutritionally great product is all well and good, we realise that people won’t look forward to the product if it isn’t enjoyable. The combination of all its fibrous and earthy goodness has a creamy, rich texture that is thick like a good meal replacement should be. Initially available in chocolate and caramel, we think you will find both flavours to be equally delicious and a satisfying part of your diet.

At $35 per kg, we believe Earth Meal offers an incredible value option for those wanting a nutritious, intelligently formulated plant-based liquid meal.

Earth Meal can be used to help recovery after training, provide a highly nutritious, convenient meal for time-poor people who don’t want to compromise nutrition, as well as being a great tool in a weight loss arsenal.

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