Why everyone is talking about protein fluff (and how to make it!)

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Why everyone is talking about protein fluff (and how to make it!) | Bulk Nutrients blog

Protein fluff for weight loss

It might be weird sounding, but it certainly doesn't taste as such!

Tasty treats that are low in calories are a lifesaver when you're dieting. 

Weight loss is all about feeling full for as long as you can, and that's what high protein diets allow us to achieve for the most part.

But when we can add some sweetness into the mix, it certainly makes dieting even easier. 

Here's what protein fluff looks like:

This is what protein fluff looks like.

Bodybuilders are using it for prep and saying it makes it so much easier! Bodybuilders diet until they reach about 4-6 per cent body fat, so it's certainly worth the rest of us taking note.

One serve of protein fluff delivers roughly 220 calories, fills you up well, and tastes fantastic! 

So, here's how to make it:

Step one: use around 40 grams of casein protein powder, or try whey protein if you like (but casein tends to work better). Some trial and error here will determine which protein works better for you. Source 200-250 thawed and mashed berries; this could be anything you like from blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. Then, use 50 millilitres of skim milk (which works better than water for the "fluff" component). Use some sweetener if you like (sugar or equal, just be mindful of the calories) and mix it all into a bowl with a spoon.

You'll need a stand mixer with 350 watts of power to make protein fluff.

Step two: With a mixer now (on a strong setting) mix all the ingredients together! Your ingredients should "fluff" up to about 2-3 times the size. 

After 8-9 minutes, it will look like this:

Delicious black raspberry protein fluff recipe!

And that's it! 

You can add some treats to it in the form of more blueberries, honey, cacao or bananas, or just eat it how it is. 

You'll finish up with around 36 grams of protein, 21 grams of carbohydrates and zero fat; just what you need when weight loss is the goal!

It's the perfect treat for when you're really hungry in the evening and are craving something extra naughty; this will be sure to knock any hunger on the head. 

And some people put it in the fridge for roughly 30 minutes and it comes out looking like a creamy sorbet; consume it however you prefer!

And if you want to eat it regularly, make sure you get yourself a good mixer! You'll want something that has at least 350 watts of power and a bowl that's at least three litres, as the fluff finishes up several times the size. 

And if this is really your thing, consider some of the sweet options at Bulk Nutrients!

The Bulk Nutrients Dessert Sample Pack gives you a sample of our high protein tasty sweets (like protein fluff), for you to decide what you like most:

- 2x 42g Mug Cake (Choc Cherry Delight and Caramel Peanut)
- 1x 30g Protein Hot (Chocolate or Vanilla Chai flavour)
- 2x 43g Protein Mousse (Choc Honeycomb and Caramel)
- 1x 100g Protein Ball Mix (Rocky Road flavour)
- 1x 100g Protein Pancakes (Chocolate, Vanilla or Cinnamon flavour) 

Our Bulk Nutrients dessert sample pack will give you a solid sample of some high protein tasting sweets.
Our Bulk Nutrients dessert sample pack will give you a solid sample of some high protein tasting sweets.

Protein and protein fluff for fat loss

Protein is one of your main allies for fat loss.

Higher protein leads to better dietary satisfaction and helps us grow, recover, and preserve the muscle we've built. 

And don't forget about just how incredible the quality of protein powder is!

Whilst (obviously) whole foods need to make up a large part of our diet, whey and casein have a higher biological value than chicken, beef, and fish, or any other source of foods.

Biological value is a measurement of protein quality, ascertained by "calculating the nitrogen used for tissue formation by the nitrogen absorbed from food."

So, there's a great protein snack you can make at home with your protein powder to increase satiety and fight off the hunger demon! It can be enjoyed at any time, though later in the evening when hunger cravings arrive might be best. Experiment with protein fluff to see how it best fits into your life and assists you with your weight loss goals. 


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