Warming up for a PB attempt tips

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Learn the correct way to warm up for a PB attempt

Here’s some of my tips to help you nail your next PB attempt.

  • Pick 4 – 6 warm up sets and ensure the weight jumps between sets remains constant or decreases in size as the sets progress. Usually more sets for heavier weights (eg squat or deadlift) and less sets for lighter weights (eg bench press).
  • Choose a final warm up weight that is around 90% of your PB attempt. Don’t pick a weight too close to your PB attempt as it will unnecessarily fatigue you. A final warm up weight of 10-20kg less for squats & deadlifts and 5-10kg less for bench press is a good starting point.
  • Keep warm up reps low with no more than 3-5 reps during the first few sets then drop to singles to prepare yourself for the PB attempt single.
  • Give yourself enough time between sets for strength to recover. 3-5mins should be sufficient.
  • Perform a stretch/mobility routine before beginning your warm up sets if required.
  • Getting in the right mindset is important and Bulk Nutrients Pre Workout 101 or Cognitone can help give you that mental edge when attempting a new PB.
  • Finally, find what works for you! Everybody warms up differently so it’s important to find the right combo of sets, reps & rest to have you primed for your PB attempt.

Example (1) 200kg squat/deadlift

  • 60kg x 5
  • 100kg x 3
  • 140kg x 1
  • 160kg x 1
  • 180kg x 1
  • 200kg attempt

Example (2) 50kg bench press

  • 20kg x 5
  • 30kg x 3
  • 40kg x 1
  • 45kg x 1
  • 50kg attempt

If you have any questions about warm ups for a PB attempt or powerlifting/strongman training then feel free to contact me.

Dave Napper is a couple of months out from the Powerlifting Australia national championships where he is aiming for another podium finish. He also holds the record for the 2nd heaviest deadlift ever performed in drug tested competition with 331kg.

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