The Bulk Nutrients 30 Day Challenge Series

The Bulk Nutrients 30 Day Challenge Series

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Mar 05, 2019 in #Featured Article.

Getting bored with your current training routine? Looking for a program that will really challenge you?

You’ve come to the right place. Together with our experienced team of ambassadors we’ve created six awesome 30-day challenges and one six week challenge for you to sink your teeth into.

With these easy to follow programs, you can improve your fitness and kick some pretty awesome goals too.

Let’s take a look at the different programs you can choose from…

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

Get your body beach ready

WBFF Pro Sam Grachan has the ultimate bodyweight workout plan to help you get in shape for the beach.

Believe it or not, you don’t need gym equipment to work out hard. Bodyweight exercises can have you sweating and gasping for breath.

The 30 Day Beach Body Challenge covers the whole body from legs and butt to back and arms, chest and core.

View the complete 30 Day Body Weight Challenge by Bulk Nutrients

30 Day Running Challenge

Couch to 30 mins in just 30 days

Looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness? This is the challenge for you! Bulk Ambassador and World Champion Ultra Marathon Runner, Kyle Williams, knows a thing or two about running!

Kyle’s 30 Day Challenge is designed to get you off the couch (and endless Netflix marathons) and into the great outdoors.

It starts off slow and builds up as the days go on. The end result? Running for a full 30 mins!

View the complete 30 Day Running Challenge by Bulk Nutrients

30 Abdominal Challenge

Kickstart your way to a shredded 6-pack

So you want abs? Online Coach and Weight Loss Champion, Sam Paino, has just the challenge for you.

With a different abdominal exercise to try every day, you’re sure to see serious core strength gains and you might even see some definition too.

Sam’s Ab Challenge is ideal to include alongside your regular training. But be warned…the core burn is real, but the hard work will pay off!

View the complete 30 Day Abdominal Challenge by Bulk Nutrients

30 Day Squats Challenge

Want to get a new squat PB?

Then this is the challenge for you.

Dave Napper is an experienced powerlifter and strongman and knows just how to improve the big three lifts including the squat.

Dave’s Squat Challenge is split over three parts and is designed to build your squat over time.

You can do this alongside your regular training and will see some awesome gains if you stick to it!

So go on, drop it like a squat. Check out Part One, two and Three of the squat challenge.

View part 1 of the 30 Day Squats Challenge by Bulk NutrientsPart 2Part 3.

30 Day Bench Press Challenge

The ultimate bro challenge, the bench press challenge, is here.

Designed by our Ambassador and successful powerlifter and strongman, Dave Napper, this 3-part challenge will help you build a strong bench press and achieve a new PB!

You can easily work this challenge into your regular training regime and if you can stick to part one, two and three you’ll be seeing some impressive improvements by the end!

View part 1 of the 30 Day Bench Press Challenge by Bulk Nutrients. Part 2. Part 3.

30 Day Deadlift Challenge

Want to improve your deadlift?

No probs, with Dave’s 30 Day Deadlift Challenge you’ll be on your way to a deadlift PB.

Adding in a few sets each day, you’ll start to see some strength gains in the mighty deadlift. And really what’s more impressive than a strong deadlift?

View the complete 30 Day Deadlift Challenge by Bulk Nutrients

6 Week Cycling Challenge

Ride 50kms straight in 6 weeks

Are you a casual cyclist looking to take your training up a notch? If so, this 6-week challenge might just the thing for you!

Professional Cyclist and Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Nicole Frain has put together a program designed to get you riding 50kms straight in just 6 weeks by building up slowly, starting with 10km rides.

You’ll take to the great outdoors to smash some goals and build your stamina and endurance on the bike.

View the complete 6 week Cycling Challenge by Bulk Nutrients

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