Thor's Superhero Arm Workout

Thor's Superhero Arm Workout

Posted by Andrew Lutomski on Jun 25, 2017

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Andrew aka Thor of Oz hitting up the gym for an arm session.

It’s all about the arms

My biceps and triceps have never been a strong part of my physique. I have always prioritised my legs and back, as these muscle groups along with core are the most commonly used in everyday activities. I started taking my arms training very seriously soon after I started impersonating Thor at Oz Comic-Con in June 2015.

I now have a specific day where I train just arms. It’s a fairly short, but very intense session involving super-sets, where I go straight from a bicep exercise into a tricep exercise with little rest time. The order of some exercises may vary week to week, but essentially my arm day looks like this.

Some workouts I will up the weight a little on most of the super-sets and perform sets of 8-10 reps instead.

Super-set 1

4 sets Reps
EZ-Curl Barbell Curl (Biceps) Supinated Grip 12+
Close Grip Push-up (Triceps) 12+
Rest for 30-60 seconds

*The last set I may go beyond failure and perform negative reps.

Super-set 2

4 sets Reps
EZ-Curl Barbell Curl (Biceps) Neutral Grip 12+
Overhead Dumbbell Extension (Triceps) 12+
Rest for 30-60 seconds

*The last set I may go beyond failure and perform negative reps.

Super-set 3

7-8 sets Reps
Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls (Biceps) Supinated Grip 8-10
Cable Pushdowns (Triceps) Neutral Grip 8-10
No rest between sets

*These sets I really concentrate on moving the weight with the muscle and slow up the tempo a little bit to pump more blood into my arms.

Thor of Oz enjoying his freedom at one of Earth’s gym.

At the end of this workout my arms are usually quite pumped up. It is an amazing feeling!

I normally make sure I have a complete rest day the day following my arms workout so that I can adequately recover.

Every month I will have a ‘deload’ week where I back right off on the weight and volume to give my arms a little break and a chance to really rest and recover.

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