We are Aussie As for a reason

We are Aussie As for a reason

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jul 01, 2021

Bulk Nutrients Staff at their factory in Grove, Tasmania

We’re a unique nation full of unique people. The one thing that brings us all together is that we’re all Aussie As in our own way. As Aussies, our supplement needs are also Aussie As.

So, for more than 10 years we have developed, formulated and produced products to suit you. Our over 200,000 customers keep coming back to us because...

Aussie manufacturing standards are next level

At Bulk Nutrients we meticulously formulate, blend, and pack every product we sell, which means we can give you absolute confidence in what you buy. For elite athletes we even have a pre-certified HASTA range for SIA (formerly ASADA) tested sports.

In addition, we conduct hundreds of lab tests each year on ingredients externally and do daily tests internally, ensuring every product is safe and pure before it reaches our customers.

Audited every six months, we are immensely proud of our high standards.


Our formulations work, without the fluff

Ever noticed how straightforward some of our ingredient lists are? You may have recognised that our protein levels are often higher than competitors, particularly products that are made overseas.

More than a decade ago we realised the market was crying out for pure products with quality ingredients, and at Bulk Nutrients we also know what we leave out is just as important as what we put in.

Sure, we don’t shirk the latest trends if they are proven to be effective, but it’s no surprise that 10+ years on, our staples are still whey protein and creatine – the most proven products money can buy.


Aussies want real information not marketing hype

At Bulk Nutrients we prefer a more modest approach when it comes to marketing. You won’t see claims of 500% muscle growth, you won’t see photoshopped transformations and you won’t see promises of what a product may do.

We prioritise validated research in our articles and product information and remove the smoke and mirrors from the experience as much as possible.

This was a fundamental reason for starting Bulk Nutrients, as we felt the industry can be very fad based where celebrity endorsements and fanfare mean more than facts and research. As Aussies we wanted to provide something a bit more fair dinkum.

If you are unsure on the purpose of a formulation or an ingredient, we will always be straight with you in providing transparent information on what it does.


We work with you

Every year we launch over 10 new products. What you may not know is that we conduct thousands of tests when developing these. We do this by sending samples to be evaluated by the public then utilise customer feedback to improve each iteration.

From a completely new product concept to a minor tweak in flavouring of an old favourite, the feedback from our customers (you) is imperative for developing the best products we can.

We listen to our customers. You tell us our HCP is too sweet. We'll adjust the recipe.

Want an easy tear opening on the bag? We’ll get you one.

Want the product name on the side of the bag? We’ll roll it out.

We’re proud to say it has resulted in a client satisfaction score of over 96%.

Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear it! Let us know here.

You can see this on our socials as we use these mediums, and emails to work with you.

Want to be part of product testing yourself? Funnily enough, you may already be part of the process. If you have ever sent us product feedback, there’s a good chance our R&D team have used that to improve a product.


Aussies support one another

Did you know that our factory is in the southern most municipality of Australia? Yep, down in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania, where we acknowledge the traditional owners of the South East Nation, the Melukerdee people of the Huon River.

We are one of Australia Post’s biggest customers nationwide, sending thousands of orders out every day.

Supporting over 65 staff from a huge range of backgrounds, our staff become our extended family and we love to see them thrive personally and professionally.

In addition to what we source internationally, we order thousands of kilograms of Australian ingredients each month from suppliers across the country. In total over 40 of our raw ingredients are grown or made in Australia. Working with the best Australian technical expertise, we still deal with many suppliers that we aligned with over a decade ago.


Our customers love great value, all the time

You might have noticed that we don’t do massive 60% discount sales. Our everyday prices are equivalent (or even better) than many companies' big sales.

We are proud of the fact that our great prices are available all the time, to everyone. We don’t create unnecessary urgency that you’ll pay more tomorrow if you don’t buy today.

If you want to compare price and nutritional content, we even offer an online calculator, where you can compare our price and protein content per serve against other brands.



Aussies love a great family business

We are a completely Australian owned family business, and all jokes aside about Tasmanians, we have many related staff that work with us too! We figure if you’re willing to recommend your cousin/sister/brother-in-law for a job, we’ll give them a try!

Here’s why our owner thinks being Aussie owned and operated is so important...

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