Why should you use Calcium Caseinate?

Why should you use Calcium Caseinate?

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jan 17, 2019

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What is Calcium Caseinate?

Calcium Caseinate is a slow digesting protein source, derived from the casein in milk, that provides a steady release of amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and growth.

Calcium Caseinate is made by changing the pH of milk. In this state, Casein becomes insoluble in water. This allows manufacturers to isolate it from the other proteins in milk. After this separation, manufacturers combine casein with calcium hydroxide at high alkaline levels and dry the protein to end up with Calcium Caseinate.

It comes in a powder form that can be mixed into water, milk, or added into a protein shake.

What are the benefits of Calcium Caseinate?

  • Virtually lactose free
  • Very high in protein - yet low in fats and carbs
  • Slow release properties - ideal for evening use
  • Naturally rich in BCAAs, EAAS and Glutamine - great for muscle recovery and growth

Calcium Caseinate has a high biological value & contains all the essential amino acids required by humans. 

It also contains high levels of the minerals calcium & phosphorus in a highly bio-available form essential for bone formation & strength. Calcium Caseinate is very low in sodium, and is high in L-Glutamine, an amino acid essential to muscle building.

During digestion, Calcium Caseinate releases a multitude of bioactive peptides to enhance anabolic response and improve metabolic processes. 

In addition it provides moderate rise in blood amino acids that is sustained for up to 10 hours. This continual supply of amino acids may significantly slow muscle protein breakdown. 

The bioactive peptides in casein may also have anabolic & anti catabolic effects. 

Who should use Calcium Caseinate?

Calcium Caseinate is a convenient way to add extra protein to your diet. 

Ideal for men and women of all ages and activity levels who want the nutritional benefits of protein without excess fat, sugar or sodium. It is suitable for use as a beverage mix or as an ingredient in cooking & baking.

In addition to its ability to mix with water, Calcium Caseinate also is a very shelf stable. 

As a food supplement, manufacturers use Calcium Caseinate to enrich products with organic amino acids, increase the shelf life, improve nutritional content and enhance taste and smell. 

The bakery, meat and confectioner industries commonly use Calcium Caseinate in finished food products.

Bulk Nutrients' New Zealand sourced Calcium Caseinate is extremely pure with a protein content of 92%. It contains less than 1 gram of fat per serve and is virtually carbohydrate free.

Calcium Caseinate is slow digesting which allows for a constant delivery of amino acids to your muscles for up to 12 hours. This is essential for muscle recovery and growth as it prevents muscle wastage.

A slow release protein like Calcium Caseinate is perfect to keep you full of an evening and can help you wake up feeling a little less sore after a hard workout.

This makes it ideal at night, for those with a fast metabolism or when regular meals aren’t possible as Calcium Caseinate provides a steady supply of amino acids.

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