Fava Bean

Nutritionally, fava beans and therefore fava bean protein, which is made mostly from fava beans, are an excellent source of protein and nutrients. They are vegan, GMO free and free of common allergens.

Unlike other plant proteins, fava beans are a complete protein and are packed full of essential amino acids making it great for muscle growth and development.

Earth Protein - Bulk Nutrients' Vegan Protein

Earth Protein

Our most popular plant based protein, Earth Protein is a great alternative to whey based proteins and is available in six great flavours.
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Plant Protein Pancakes from Bulk Nutrients - these make a delicious snack or meal which is light and fluffy.

Plant Protein Pancakes

Our Plant Protein Pancakes utilise a range of natural and nutritious plant ingredients delivering just under 30g of protein per 100g serve.
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Bulk Nutrients' Fava Bean Protein

Fava Bean Protein

An all new, 100% natural protein source - Fava Bean Protein is a great tasting alternative to Soy, Pea and Rice proteins.
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Fava bean protein is around 85 per cent protein in its raw form, making it particularly great for vegans and others who struggle to get enough protein into their diet.

Fava bean naturally contains an array of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B, Manganese, Folate, Calcium, and Selenium.

One of the key benefits of fava bean proteins over many other plant-based protein powders, is its high bioavailability, low fats and carbohydrates levels and its smooth texture. Fava bean protein is less grainy and more pleasant to the palate compared to other plant proteins. 

Fava bean protein also increases satiety levels in the body meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer,making it a great plant based choice to support weight loss.

Fava Bean can be enjoyed on its own in water or with milk of choice as a high protein beverage and works perfectly as a booster to smoothies. It is particularly stable when heated, so it can also be incorporated as a high protein, vegan alternative when cooking to enrich recipes.

We use Australian Fava Bean as one of our key Fava Bean sources.