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Wonder Woman Ellena

Former IFBB Figure Pro Ellena Tsatsos knows everything there is to know about crushing it on and off the stage!

With a wealth of knowledge and competitive experience, it’s a no-brainer Ellena would transition into posing and stage presence coaching, with her new passion for helping other women achieve their fitness goals!

Here’s more from Bulk Ambassador Ellena...

Ellena Tsatsos - Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

Hey there, I'm Elle!

I’m a former IFBB Figure Pro and Australian Figure champion who’s been working in the industry as a Personal Trainer and Couture Posing Coach for over 15 years.

My passion is working with women on achieving their competition goals, whether that’s creating balance, flow and that wow factor on stage, or working their metabolic capacity and reverse dieting to ensure a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food as fuel.

As a first-time Mum, I thrive on the challenging balance between giving my beautiful daughter my love and attention while provider her a healthy role model for her by looking after myself through nutrition, fitness and yoga.


All the products I recommend from Bulk Nutrients are geared towards endurance sports with a focus on clean carbs and fast recovery.

Bulk Nutrients' HCP using pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides HCP provides over 20g of protein per serve

HCP - Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Why I love it: I love this collagen protein cause not only am I looking after my protein requirements but also taking care of my ligaments, joints, skin, hair, nails… the list goes on!!!

How I use it: I love that there are so many flavours, including raw which can be added to savoury dishes. HCP is great in smoothies, shakes, hot chocolates, oats and experimenting with recipes.

Bulk Nutrients' Vitamin C Powder Ascorbic Acid can assist in many parts of you body including immune function healthy skin and cartilage

Vitamin C

Why I love it: I take this every day... non-negotiable! As a sleep-deprived mama it’s easy for me to get run down, ensuring I have my daily Vitamin C ensures I don’t get sick or pass anything on to my daughter.

How I use it: Every morning with water.

Ellena Tsatsos - Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

Training Schedule

Throughout my pregnancy, I did more yoga than weights however I'm finding I'm enjoying weights a little more now that my body feels recovered and ready for more strength training.

A typical week for me looks like...

  • Monday - Glutes
  • Tuesday - Upper Body
  • Wednesday - Legs
  • Thursday - Rest Day
  • Friday - Rest Day
  • Saturday - Glutes
  • Sunday - Upper Body

I also do a daily walk and some light yoga most days.

It's also extremely important for me to listen to my body. So when I’m sleep-deprived I choose to do more walks and yoga to feel better

My approach to nutrition

Food I consume daily are

  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Bacon
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Steak
  • Beef Mince
  • Organ Mince (mixture of Beef Mince and Liver)
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Cream/Milk

I try to use organic where I can and foods as close to their natural state.

Are there foods you avoid? Why?

Vegetable oils

Are there foods you crave? Why?

Not really. My nutrition is very well-rounded, I enjoy chocolate and never deprive myself.

What's your go-to cheat meal? Why?

I don’t believe in cheat meals anymore. I find they create an unhealthy relationship with food. If you feel like something, eat it in moderation factor it into your macros, or have a refeed to replenish glycogen stores.

Ellena Tsatsos - Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

A day on my plate

Every day is different as I count macros most days, but here is a sample of what a day would look like...

  • Morning
    • Hot water with Vitamin C
  • Meal 1
    • Eggs
    • Cream/Butter
    • Smoked Salmon
    • Spinach
    • Toast/English muffin
    • NAC supplement
  • Meal 2
    • Smoothie with Mango and Cream HCP, fresh mangoes, banana, raw organic milk and oats
  • Meal 3
    • Beef/Liver Mince
    • Rice/Pasta
    • Peas
  • Meal 4
    • Steak and mash with peas and carrots
  • Meal 5
    • Protein Hot Chocolate or HCP Rich Chocolate with milk

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

My main focus in life right now is being a good role model for my daughter.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

It’s been a while, however, a few of my greatest achievements are

  • 5th place Australian IFBB Pro Show
  • 5th place New Zealand Pro Show
  • Numerous 1st place titles within the amateur ranks in IFBB, INBA, WFF and WNBF

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