Supplements For eSports

eSports, also known as electronic sports are any sport which primarily involves video games. These can be team based games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 or individual games like Starcraft II.

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eSports have become commonplace around the world, with many tournaments providing live broadcasts of competitions and lucrative prize pools. Many teams are professionally sponsored and offer salaries to their players.

Bulk Nutrients’ Admin Assistant Aidan Mackay is a keen 'MOBA' (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PC gamer. He once held a number 2 ranking for a World of Warcraft dungeon across all American servers - not too shabby!

This kind of achievement requires extreme levels of concentration and any misstep would result in failure. So, reaction time and quick decision making is crucial to overcoming your opponents in eSport.

Aidan highly recommends our mental focus enhancing stimulant Cognitone. Cognitone can boost concentration, improve reaction time and in certain situations prevent fatigue. Swapping sugary Cola and Lemonade for refreshing Future Whey is a great way to stay hydrated, plus for the many hours of play Total Meal Replacement will keep you fuelled without getting out of your chair!