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Amino Acids FAQS

Are your amino acids sourced from China?

Yes, however so are those supplied by 99% of companies - so in other words, the amino acids you have used or are currently using from other companies are almost surely manufactured in China. The popular brands located in Australia, NZ, U.S, Europe etc almost exclusively use Chinese Sourced Amino Acids, this includes large popular brands (with very expensive pricing) as well as generic brands.

Some people assume that as they are buying from a name brand and paying a premium, they are getting aminos sourced from elsewhere. This is not the case - unless the supplier specifically details that their amino acids are sourced from elsewhere.

If you have been using amino acids or products containing them (pre workout, recovery formulas from leading brands) it is very likely you are consuming Chinese made amino acids.

Isn’t everything made in China poorer quality?

Certainly not, although goods manufactured in China have always had a bit of a reputation of being ‘cheap rip offs’ over the last decade China has become far more westernised. Chinese companies realise that to supply Western markets they need to be able to produce high quality goods, and we have been very carefully selected our suppliers to ensure we are buying the highest grade products – all our Amino Acids are 100% pharmaceutical grade.

Why do you use Chinese Suppliers?

Chinese pharmaceutical amino acids are utilised by companies as they are world class and very cost effective. These amino acids (the same ones used by us as well as the major companies) are all made to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Many years ago, manufacture of aminos in other countries was more common however now the standard from China is so high, very few companies use aminos sourced elsewhere.

Millions of dollars have been spent designing these state of the art facilities, with hundreds of tonnes being shipped to the U.S and Europe every month.

Do you guarantee your amino acids?

Absolutely. We have been dealing with the same suppliers/manufacturers for over 5 years and before accepting any batch we scrutinise all assay reports. We have had batches independently tested in the past, and the analysis from the independent tests are always completely consistent with those from the suppliers.

Unlike virtually every other company we are happy to supply spec sheets to our customers if you would like to see them. Best of all, we have actually visited some of the factories where our amino acids are made. The standards here are amazing in pharmaceuticals, we just wish they allowed us to take photos!

Our guarantee is that the quality of our amino acids are equal or better than anything you will source elsewhere - irrespective of price. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, we are happy to offer a full refund.

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