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Amino Acids FAQS


Do you guarantee your amino acids?

At Bulk Nutrients we have strict quality control systems in place which guarantees the quality of products to the end user. Quality is something which is very important to us.

We deal with credible, international suppliers which we have long established relationships with, and we visit these suppliers in person once each year. In many cases we visit the factories in which the raw goods are made.

Before we accept any goods, suppliers spec sheets must meet our requirements. We also conduct independent testing of amino acids and other goods regularly through NMI laboratories in Australia to ensure that spec and microbiological level claims are met.

Are your amino acids sourced from China?

Our amino acids, like 99% of the world's supply are from China. China now has a very high standard of production of pharmaceutical ingredients, with some of the world's best practises. It should be noted that we use the same suppliers as some of the world's biggest, and most prestigious supplement and pharmaceutical brands.

Millions of dollars have been spent designing these state of the art facilities, with hundreds of tonnes of raw goods being shipped to the U.S and Europe every month.

We know the biggest supplement companies in the world deal with our suppliers as we've had joint meetings with them! The most important thing to note is that at Bulk Nutrients we have very high standards of supply, with tight "supplier agreements" in place which have many checks and balances. These are not "one offs" but a continual part of our quality assurance programs.

What happens if my amino acids are past their "used by date", are they still safe to use?

Good question. The vital part here is "best before" and not used by. All of our amino acids are very stable and will last almost indefinitely if stored well. Tests have shown that they are perfectly safe to use after the "best before", unless they have been affected by excess heat or moisture.

Is the colour unchanged, does the product smell as expected? Then they are likely fine to use. In cases where you are concerned that they have changed appearance, you are welcome to contact us to see if we can assist.

Please note that while amino acids and many other dry powders are usually fine after their "best before" dates, we will always ship out powders which are "fresh". A 12 month or longer period is typical for us.

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