HASTA Certification


At Bulk Nutrients, we know how important it is for our athletes to be sure that the supplements they take are pure and clean.

This is why we've taken steps to make a small range of our products HASTA certified - this way SIA - Sports Integrity Australia/WADA tested athletes can be sure that the Bulk Nutrients products they take are 100% free from banned substances.

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Who is HASTA?

Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA) are an Australian company who provide certification for sports supplements so that industry and athletes can safely say that the products they use are free from banned drugs and substances. The HASTA drug screen is one of the most comprehensive testing screens available, covering well over 200 identified banned substances.

Find out more about HASTA on their official website.

What does it mean for you?

At Bulk Nutrients, we pride ourselves on supplying honest, real supplements to Australians everywhere. This is why we decided to take it a step further. We wanted to provide our customers with an added layer of protection above and beyond our control of the manufacturing process, clear and honest labelling, no proprietary blends; we've had a small part of our range certified.

The HASTA certification is the next level of security, as we can provide batch test results for the products we've certified, and these will be freely available for customers to view.

For more information on how our HASTA Certification can benefit you head to our detailed blog post.

Which Bulk Nutrients products are HASTA Certified?

View our dedicated HASTA category to browse our range of certified products. It's starting small, but will grow much larger if enough of you (our loyal fans) request certain products.

Bulk Nutrients’ HASTA lab test results

We update this page with our current and historical HASTA test results, so you can buy Bulk Nutrients with confidence.

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