No banned substances found here: Our HASTA Certification

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No banned substances found here: Our HASTA Certification

HASTA… what?

First things first, what is HASTA? Well, it stands for Human and Supplement Testing Australia and in short, they provide certification for sports supplements so that industry and athletes can safely say that the products they use are tested for banned drugs and substances.

How does a product become certified?


In order to bear the respected seal of HASTA certification, supplements have to pass HASTA’s comprehensive drug testing screen.

Often companies conduct ‘batch testing’ of products where samples of a specific batch of product are sent to an independent third party for testing and have shown to not contain WADA banned substances, this is then stated on a Drug Testing Certificate.

However, it’s much more labour intensive to get certified with HASTA. To first become certified, HASTA verifies each product through the testing of multiple samples from various batches.

We as the supplier also have to demonstrate that we have a current and comprehensive third party audited Quality Assurance system in place in our manufacturing facility.

-“Then, once a product is certified, every new batch of product must be tested to maintain HASTA certification.”

Phewww, that a long process. But it’s worth it for our customers to know for sure that our products are safe for competitive athletes.

An extra layer of protection with HASTA products

Natural athletes have been using our range of supplements for years and will continue to do so in the future without having the HASTA seal of approval.

We're very careful to blend and package any pre workouts with ingredients on the banned list in a separate part of the facility and clearly list on the product that it’s not safe in competition.

-“But we wanted to provide an added layer of protection above and beyond our control of the manufacturing process, clear and honest labelling, no proprietary blends; we’ve gone an extra step and had a small part of our range certified.”

The HASTA certification is the next level of security, as we can provide batch test results for the products we’ve certified, and these will be freely available for customers to view.

Why would there be illegal drugs in supplements anyway?

Well, that’s the thing, SIA (formerly ASADA)/WADA banned substances are not necessarily illegal drugs.

In fact, many of them are perfectly legal, but as they are seen to give an unfair advantage to an athlete they have been banned from natural sporting competitions.

Why is it important that supplements are tested for drugs?

Bulk Ambassador Bridget Freeman is an INBA/ICN Pro Bodybuilder and as a natural athlete knows all too well the risk of taking banned substances.

-“To fail a drug test would be the most devastating, humiliating, integrity-destroying thing that could happen to a natural athlete.”

But as Bridget puts it there is a real difference in knowingly and unknowingly taking banned drugs.

-“Anyone who cheats deliberately deserves the absolute scorn, isolation, rejection and total loss of respect that they receive. However, what if that person took a supplement that they believed to be safe for SIA (formerly ASADA) tested athletes when in fact it wasn’t? Imagine how devastating that would be!” she says.”

So for Bridget, any extra steps a supplement company takes to ensure their products are safe for natural athletes is really quite amazing.

-“As athletes, we put everything we have into our preparation. We need to be able to rely on the integrity of the supplements we take, not only that they will deliver results, but that they won’t contain anything that could possibly cause us to fail a drug test.”

So it really comes down to taking just as much care to the supplements you put in your body as the conditioning you do on the outside.

-“Knowing with 100% confidence that those Bulk Nutrients products bearing the seal of HASTA have successfully passed certification is a huge relief for every natural athlete.”

Bulk Nutrients products are certified so you can rest easy

So, banned substances are a big deal to natural athletes competing but also everyone else who wants to know exactly what’s in their supplements! That’s what we’re all about at Bulk, honesty. Because we want you to get exactly what you’re buying.

For further information on HASTA certification and banned drugs in Australia head to the HASTA website or check out our HASTA FAQ page.

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