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Sponsored Ambassador Nicole Frain tips for becoming a sponsored ambassador

What we look for in an Ambassador

As a business, we’re looking for athletes who not only have a basic knowledge of supplements in general but actively take OUR supplements and are passionate about our values.

Having an extensive order history is crucial for us to guarantee that you have personal experience with our products and flavours on your own journey to a healthier lifestyle. We want to work with people, who can share their insight into our brand and offer constructive solutions that can assist others with their own fitness goals.

We also look for outgoing athletes, who are not afraid to go up to people at events and in gyms to promote the benefits of our products. Your attitude, personality, social media following and how you present yourself are also big selling points for potential consideration.

So, without further ado, here are our key tips for becoming a sponsored ambassador.

Sponsored Ambassador Anna Davey competing at the WA State Boulder Titles

Highlight your achievements and your unique qualities

What makes you unique and what have you achieved that makes you worthy of a sponsored ambassador position? It’s a tough question for some people, but what have you achieved that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Do you play a sport or are you involved in a competitive sport? Have you carved an interesting niche in the fitness industry?

It may sound brutal, but if you simply like our products, but have never played a sport or competed before, what sets you apart from other Bulk Nutrients fans?

We understand not everyone is competitive, so maybe it’s about what you stand for, let us know what that is and make sure the image you promote represents that, so your passion to inspire, change or encourage is evident.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t sponsor everyone – So it’s important to have a serious think about what you are offering the brand in return for their support.

Seek out brands who align with your values

Seek out a brand that you admire and work with them on what they want to achieve.

Not all brands stand for the same thing. Some are flashy and only promote the glitz and glamour, others are more science-based, all-natural or no-frills. Some support the community from the grassroots level, and others only support the instafamous.

We believe that Bulk Nutrients authentically represents some important personal and social values.

The wonderful thing about the fitness industry is that there is a place for everyone, so seek out the brand whose values you admire most – And go for it!

Show some loyalty

If the last 10 posts on your Instagram account are shout outs to different brands you have never really used purely to try and become sponsored, you aren’t the right fit for us.

We often receive applications from people who sing our praises, maybe tried a sample once, and then shout out to five other brands at the same time.

We’ve even seen people address us as a different company in their applications – So check the copy and paste.

We want to work with people who are authentic and value what we do. We don’t want to work with people who want to become sponsored, but don’t really care who sponsors them.

Sponsored Ambassador Andrew Lutomski aka Thor of Oz is a vegan athlete who loves cooking with Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein

Stand for something, create a niche or highlight your point of difference

We sponsor a varied group of athletes from bodybuilding, to motorbike riders, rock climbing and cosplay!

These people have proven to us that it doesn’t matter what sport you play, or what you do in the health and fitness space – Finding your niche and engaging with that following regularly has incredible value to brands.

Build an engaged following

While a lot of promotion we want our Ambassadors to do is through social media channels, proving that you have an engaged audience in other ways can be just as important.

If you have hundreds of clients via your online PT business, if you own a gym or PT studio, if you are the president of a sports club and actively competing are all other ways you can prove that you can add value to the brand.

If you can’t prove that you can add value through your influence in some capacity, it makes it much harder for you to be considered.

For the brand to achieve their goals, they need a bit more in an ongoing capacity than the few people who might see your t-shirt at the finish line or your small group of family and friends.

A great way to build a following is through blogging and engaging with others with similar interests on social media. Follow your favourite brands, tag them in your posts, check out what others are doing on certain hashtags and give them a shout out! It all helps you grow in the end.

Be actively competing and achieving in your chosen sport

If you simply go to the gym, that doesn’t automatically qualify you for an ambassador sponsorship. We have over 250,000 customers that do the same thing.

As we stated above, highlight your point of difference, highlight what you have achieved (eg: won a bodybuilding comp, lost 20kgs, play for your state in your chosen sport), and let us know what your goals are for the future. This is your opportunity to stand out. If you don’t have a point of difference, if you don’t have anything to note, then perhaps you are not ready for this type of position just yet. It doesn’t mean you won’t be ready one day though!

Follow application instructions

If the application asks you to provide your social media account details in a particular way, then please follow those instructions. If it asks you to provide the URL of your social media account, then provide the URL. Writing the number 1000, or your name instead of which is requested, the odds are that your application is not going to be taken as seriously.

If we can’t find you to see how you act online and engage with your following/fans/clients – We can’t determine if you are the right fit for us or not, which really does you a disservice.

Sponsored Ambassador Ella Martyn is a WBFF Fitness Pro and Online Fitness Coach

Review your application and check your grammar

If you want to be the face of a brand, you want to put your best foot forward. Don’t rush your application and take time to ensure your spelling and grammar are top-notch!

We take great pride in expressing ourselves through excellent communication and we want our ambassadors to do the same.

Does this mean I should just give up?

If you don't fit all of the above criteria yet, that's okay. There are more wheys (pun intended) you can be rewarded for your loyalty.

  • Bulk Nutrients Rewards Program - As you accumulate points you earn store credit as well as other offers such as free shipping and access to exclusive Facebook groups.
  • Bulk Nutrients' Instagram competition - We run a monthly competition on Instagram, to enter simply tag us in a post with #bulknutrients. The winner of the competition receives $100 of store credit and the post will be shared on the Bulk Nutrients Instagram page.

Ready to apply?

Think you have what it takes to represent Bulk Nutrients? Apply now to become a brand ambassador. Good luck!