High Protein Choc Cheesecake

High Protein Choc Cheesecake

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jun 28, 2021

Serves 8.

Preparation time approximately 30 minutes.

Recipe from @she_snacks 


For the base layer

For the Cheesecake layer


  1. Combine the base ingredients in a food processor until the mixture is even, remove from the food processor, and press into the base of a lightly sprayed medium springform cake tin. This mixture gets a little sticky, so you may want to wet your hands to do this!
  2. Clean your food processor before adding in the cheesecake ingredients, process until the cheesecake mixture is smooth, pour over the top of the base layer, and refrigerate until set.
  3. Remove from tin and cut into 8 to serve.

Nutritional Information

Per serve.

Energy (kcal): 233 | Protein (g): 24 | Fat (g): 8.5 | Carbohydrates (g): 15.2


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