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Bulk Nutrients Pre Workout 101

Bulk Nutrients Ambassador Bailey McDougall with Pre Workout 101 and shaker

A great all-round Pre Workout

Frustrated about Pre Workouts, confused by proprietary blends and want to know how to guarantee the best Pre Workout product available, or at the very least find one that works?

If you really want to be informed, at Bulk Nutrients we encourage you to search for what is out there, break down what is in the product (look at the nutritional panel and ingredient list) and research to see what has actually been proven to work.

Before we start, let’s get some things straight.

We can’t promise “The greatest workout ever”.

We can’t promise that you’ll “smash through all your PB’s”.

In fact, we can’t even promise that you’ll get “the greatest pump ever”.

As for bigger biceps in 2 weeks, and 645% muscle gains after 2 sessions, can’t do that either.

Finally, if you are only looking for an empty stimulant kick that drives your central nervous system through the wall during a training session, and has absolutely no positive effect on longer terms results (and can actually hamper results), then this isn’t for you either.

If you want to get high in the gym, you’re probably best to find someone and something on a street corner.

While we can’t make magical promises, we do think we can offer you what no one else can as yet – which is a Pre Workout Product that uses only ingredients that are proven to work, in doses that are clearly printed and easy to understand which means we don’t use proprietary blends – so you’ll know exactly what is in there.

It’s worth saying again as while not sounding like a huge claim, in this industry full of hype, it is actually quite remarkable.

Let’s take a closer look at our Pre Workout 101

  • Mixes your BCAAs and Pre Workout ingredients in one
  • Uses ingredients that have been proven through scientific research.
  • No proprietary blends, so you know EXACTLY what you are having (we assume your body is important to you).
  • Doses that are clearly labeled for you to see individually.

Ingredients in our products at the doses included have demonstrated in proper trials to:

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Muscle Size
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Increase Focus and Concentration.
  • Maintain Hormonal function

Pre Workout 101's Performance, Recovery & Blood flow combo:

Pre Workout 101's Stim & Focus Combo:

  • Caffeine – 250mg
  • Schizandra Extract – 100mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 200mg
  • L-Theanine – 200mg
  • Choline Bitartrate – 200mg

Lets look at some Pre Workout basics

Pre Workout products start with a good base. A good base is not carbohydrates, which can be bought for a few dollars a kg (although carbs have their place in nutritional needs), a good base is not fillers, citric acids or other ingredients that enhance flavour, mixabilty and texture, rather Amino Acids which have been studied for years independently, and are proven to have some real benefits in training performance.

Generally, the more of these Aminos in a product the better (as many products contain so little), and any validated study done on performance is crucial.

So, what kind of benefits are we looking for in a pre training product?

Unfortunately over the last few years Pre Workout Products have changed drastically. While the stimulants DMAA and AMP Citrate were fantastically effective as stimulants, which leads to greater energy focus and stamina while in the gym, it often meant that many companies included very little else to actually make the product work, in terms of long term results.

You can hear it now, “Bro, this W8M*SS stuff is full on, killer pumps dude, almost blew my head off in the gym. I felt like I was off my head”.

Believe it or not, this is very typical of how many rate a Pre Workout supplement. While killer pumps and a recreational drug type high may be great for some (short term) most serious gym users are much more concerned about long term results, can I train for longer? Will it assist in muscle increases? Will it make me stronger?

Unfortunately this was probably DMAA’s and AMP Citrate’s greatest legacy, some got it right and included it with a decent dose of Aminos but many didn’t, and they were the one’s concerned about making money rather than developing decent products.

DMAA and AMP Citrate are gone for good

While DMAA and AMP Citrate being banned (or seriously under the scope for AMP) was sad for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, the good news is that it may again put the emphasis back onto what is actually in the product rather than simply the “hit” you get from a stimulant.

Bulk Nutrients Ambassadors Jacob Despard Jumping Hurdles

So, what do people want in a Pre Workout Product?

I think its fair to say most people are after a product which includes ingredients which can increase strength (larger amounts of weight lifted), can increase training volume and stamina (so longer sets, greater number of sets, and longer sessions) as well as actually having a decent long term effect on muscle size.

On top of that, users generally like a stimulant fix which gives them a “kick” in the gym, motivates them to stay on track as well as mentally help them after a grueling day. For most people, these elements seem to cover everything they would want in a Pre Workout product well.

At Bulk Nutrients we have literally spent hundreds of hours going through scientific data and studies, verifying what works and what doesn’t. The results are very interesting.

Firstly, it is clear that many companies are promoting products which contain ingredients with very little verified data, and secondly the dosages in almost every product is tiny.

Simplified – What do we want in our blood as we are pumping it to the muscle being worked? The main performers…

First of all, we want blood to be flowing freely and more than what it would normally be doing. That’s with Citrulline Malate.

Second, in our blood, as it’s been pumped to the muscle being worked asking for immediate ways of recovery, we’d like to present it with three of the most potent recovery and muscle building agents. That’s with BCAAs.

Thirdly, something that allows us to ever so slightly go beyond the lactic acid pain threshold that we would normally be able to handle. Perhaps 15 reps may turn into 20? That’s with Beta Alanine.

Fourth, something proven for strength, and while we’re at it, something that will provide extra volume to the muscle belly being worked, filling it with extra fluid which results in a larger leaner muscle. That’s Creatine Monohydrate.

These are your main performers. With the exception of the notorious Beta Alanine “tingles” you may not feel an explosion of pupil dilating, 10 energy drink explosion of can’t keep still, shakes and tremors but know that quietly these are working away in your blood stream for long term performance, first and primarily in a Pre Workout.

The stimulants come in a close second place as the focus in our Pre Workout 101. Not blowing your pupils out of your head, just there in the background for a slight extra push.

Nick Telesca - Technical Support Officer at Bulk Nutrients

Nick Telesca

Nick is Bulk's Customer Service team's Technical Support Officer.

Which is our way of saying he's the guy whose job it is to answer your obscenely technical supplement questions.

More about Nick Telesca

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