Protein Brownie Cake Pop

Protein Brownie Cake Pop

Posted by Nicole Frain on Aug 17, 2017 in #Recipes.

What's better than a Protein Chocolate Brownie? A Protein Brownie Cake Pop.

Clean Treats decided to remake their Protein Chocolate Brownies this week, and got a little bit distracted... This led to a dry, overcooked brownie!

But never fear, not all was lost. Here's one way to use that crumbly, dry brownie to create some delicious treats!


  • 50g chocolate protein brownie – as prepared above
  • 1/2 banana – mashed
  • 20ml coconut oil – melted
  • 50g of dark, milk or white chocolate
  • 1 scoop (30g) Bulk Nutrients protein of choice – we used WPI in Cookies and Cream


  1. Allow prepared brownie to cool totally, place in a food processor and blend to a crumb.
  2. Add banana and half the coconut oil and stir well.
  3. Roll into balls of around 12-15g. Place in the freezer to chill for about 15 minutes.
  4. Melt chocolate and remaining coconut oil together. Stir in protein.
  5. Stick a skewer into each cake ball and carefully dip into the melted chocolate mix. Allow any excess to run off.
  6. Place on a sheet of baking paper to set. Repeat with remaining balls and place in the fridge to set completely.
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