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If you're on the hunt for a natural estrogen blocker to help balance your hormones, look no further than Bulk Nutrients.

We supply high-quality anti-estrogen supplements and a range of testosterone boosters designed to regulate hormones.

These can improve general wellbeing and also maximise training capacity and muscle growth.

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What are Estrogen Blocker Supplements?

Natural estrogen or oestrogen blockers are used to support healthy hormone levels hormones in both women and men.

Hormone imbalances are common and the uncomfortable side effects like fatigue and moodiness and often attributed to lack of sleep or just part of 'that time of the month'.

You can easily optimise hormone levels with a lil' help from Bulk Nutrients.

Often stacked with testosterone boosters, anti-estrogen supplements help to minimise the side effects of estrogen can have on the body by regulating the production of the hormone.

Estrogen blocker supplements are mostly commonly natural extracts from plants that can aid in hormone regulation.

Fluctuating hormones and high estrogen levels can inhibit muscle development and may have a negative effect on performance.

But this doesn't have to be the case!

Buyers guide to estrogen blocker and anti-estrogen supplements

We currently offer one estrogen-blocking supplement, Dim.

Diindolylmethane (Dim) is a plant indole found in cruciferous vegetables such as kale and broccoli. Dim can prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen and also helps convert more potent forms of estrogen to less potent forms.

We also have a range of Testosterone Boosters available which can also assist with balancing hormones, reducing the negative effects of estrogen and improving the ability to build muscle.

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