L Glutamine

L-Glutamine, know more commonly as Glutamine, is a non-essential amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, there are 20 amino acids in total, 11 of which are non-essential, meaning the body naturally produces them.

As the most abundant free form amino acid in the body, Glutamine has many benefits and helps the body perform a wide range of roles. The most notable of those benefits is in its ability to support the immune system through production of white blood cells and certain intestinal cells and have anti-catabolism properties that work to prevent muscle wastage.

The production of intestinal cells aids the function of the intestines and can be used to strengthen barriers within the intestinal walls. Many people use Glutamine supplements to help alleviate symptoms of IBS.

During intense exercise glutamine levels become greatly depleted which causes a decrease in strength, stamina and recovery. Supplementing with Glutamine can help to replenish the body’s Glutamine levels, promoting muscle recovery.

Studies have revealed that Glutamine can help minimize breakdown of muscle and can improve protein metabolism. This is especially useful for those dieting and wanting to preserve muscle.

The benefits of immune system support and recovery make it a great supplement for endurance athletes who may be prone illness due to a suppressed immune system, after intense training or events.

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  • L Glutamine Powder

    L Glutamine

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    L Glutamine offers many benefits including muscle recovery, supporting a stronger immune system and helping to prevent muscle wastage.

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