L Tyrosine

Tyrosine is a versatile amino acid with many health benefits. If you are on a weight loss program, you may consider dietary supplements such as L Tyrosine.

This amino acid helps produce neurotransmitters including dopamine and noradrenaline that can help with sleep and weight training whilst being able to assist with stress.

Bulk Nutrients offers you an L Tyrosine supplement to include in your daily diet needs to boost your mood, help with intense physical activity, and allow you to sleep better.

L Tyrosine Powder

L Tyrosine

Bulk Nutrients' L Tyrosine is 100% pharmaceutical grade, lactose free and like all amino acids does not contain any gluten in the raw ingredients.
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What is L Tyrosine and where do you find it?

Tyrosine is an amino acid naturally synthesised in the body from an amino acid known as phenylalanine. You can find Tyrosine in many foods particularly cheese, fish, turkey, chicken, and other high protein foods. Supplementing with Tyrosine can help improve performance in stressful situations as well as memory.

How does L Tyrosine work?

Your body utilises L Tyrosine to produce chemical messengers or neurotransmitters involved in conditions of the brain like mental alertness.

When should you take L Tyrosine supplement?

You may want to take Tyrosine supplements about 30 minutes before having your meals. You can divide the doses into 3 daily doses taken before meals.

You may also want to take vitamin B9 or folate, B6, and copper together with Tyrosine since they help your body to convert the Tyrosine into crucial brain chemicals.

Tyrosine for weight loss

Because Tyrosine is considered a precursor to neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, it can be an ideal supplement for people trying to lose weight.

Theoretically, Tyrosine helps speed up metabolism and is crucial for people who suffer from fatigue and depression and lack the morale and energy to workout.

Besides, it helps suppress appetite, something that allows you to lose weight since by eating less your are consuming fewer calories.

In addition, it helps reduce body fat thereby helping you in weight management. Moreover, Tyrosine can trigger the release of growth hormones (HGH).

As a performance supplement, Tyrosine is utilised to increase energy as well as enhance recovery after completing a gruelling workout.

It’s been known for weight loss because it regulates neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine thus effectively helping an individual to shed the extra pounds and burn calories.

Is Tyrosine safe?

Tyrosine is safe when taken in appropriate amounts. You can take up to 150 mg per kg per day for a period of 3 months. That being said, some individuals may experience side effects like headaches, fatigue, nausea, and heartburn when they take Tyrosine.

Can you take L Tyrosine on empty stomach?

It’s recommended that you take L Tyrosine without food. This is because the amino acid can be stimulating particularly when you use it in large amounts. So, you don’t want to take it in the evening.

How does Tyrosine make you feel?

Tyrosine gives you energy, however, the energy is considered calm. You find that the body and mind tend to be revived and energised whilst being calm and focused. Generally speaking, when you Take Tyrosine, you are cool, alert, calm, and alive.

Does Tyrosine help with anxiety?

Since Tyrosine helps improve mood, it can help you treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

How long does it take Tyrosine to work?

It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to reach the peak effect of the amino acids in your body. Its greatest anti-stress activity has been observed when you take the doses about 60 minutes prior to a stressful event. So, if you will be going for a workout or you will indulge in a stressful event, you can take it within that timeframe to see the best results.

How much Tyrosine should you take for energy?

If you want to build up your energy levels, you can take Tyrosine to boost the energy. For alertness, you can take about 150 mg per kg of body weight split the doses into two after your loss of sleep.

If you are taking it to enhance memory, you can have about 150 mg per kg of body weight before indulging in memory tasks. For mental performance, you can take about 100 mg per kg of body weight before indulging in a stressful mental task.

Does Tyrosine make you feel tired?

Tyrosine supplements can help enhance your fat-burning efforts. It can help with your sleep and workouts and it said to help reduce fatigue whilst allowing you to more efficiently use your brain.

So, Tyrosine doesn’t make you feel tired, it makes you gain energy, be alert, and boost your memory.

Tyrosine is a naturally-occurring, non-essential amino acid, can be supplemented together with a balanced diet for individuals who engage in prolonged physical training plans. It can assist with seasonal affective disorder and in regulating mood.

Buy Bulk Nutrients’ L Tyrosine and help enhance your mood, alertness, energy for workouts, and increase your memory. Tyrosine is also ideal for losing weight.