Zinc Picolinate

Zinc is a trace mineral and an essential micronutrient that is key to maintaining optimal health. Zinc doesn’t naturally occur in the body and excess Zinc is not stored in the body either. This means it must be regularly consumed as part of the diet to avoid a Zinc deficiency.

Zinc Picolinate is an acid form of Zinc that is more easily absorbed by the body than any other source of Zinc.

Zinc helps support the body’s metabolism and immune system, decrease inflammation, accelerate wound healing, fighting acne and keeping your heart and eyes healthy.

Vegetarians and Vegans may benefit from a Zinc supplement as the foods naturally highest in Zinc include red meat, poultry and fish. Zinc Picolinate is also commonly recommended to pregnant women as the required Zinc levels are much higher during pregnancy.

ZMA Complex Capsules

ZMA Complex Capsules

Bulk Nutrients' ZMA Complex Capsules offer a convenient way to consume this supplement - no measuring required.
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