Blackbelt and Fitness Model Helena Sly

Helena is a blackbelt and a fitness model, not two fitness passions that often come together!

She’s a seriously well-rounded athlete who loves being active and eating to fuel her goals. Today she is an online coach helping martial artists get in the best shape for their sport.

Helena has 13 years of martial arts training and even had the opportunity to train and compete in Japan, the home of Karate.

Having taken a step back from competing in karate, Helena discovered a new passion: bodybuilding. Helena is currently in a growth stage, building shape for her next WBFF competition in October 2020.

Hey there, I'm Helena!

I trained in martial arts for 13 years, it was a sport my whole family got involved in (I’m one of 5 siblings) which was always really special, I’ve spent many of those years competing nationally and internationally in my karate, I made it to Japan to represent Aus and training and competing in the birthplace of karate was an unforgettable experience.

I also had a major back operation 10 years ago due to scoliosis, having a bunch of titanium in my back (once recovered) has not stopped any of my athletic ventures. It was a long recovery and it’s something that has helped solidify my love for movement and a focus on keeping my body strong all the way through life.

I have recently taken a step back from competing with karate but martial arts is still a huge part of everything I do.

I started incorporating resistance training by getting a coach for myself when doing my personal training courses. I quickly fell in love with the feeling of building strength and with seeing the changes that lifting heavy things was making to my shape.

So I decided to put my competitive energy into building my physique and entering my first fitness modelling comp. It’d be safe to say I’ve found a new love.

I thrive within strong structures and routines which is why I suppose both martial arts and bodybuilding have been so attractive to me.

Becoming educated in nutrition and how small tweaks to foods you already love can be optimised for improving performance and body composition is something I’m now super passionate about and love teaching to my clients.

I’m now an online coach myself and the majority of my clients are martial artists who want to get into the best shape of their lives while improving their sporting performance. I love that!


Here are some of the Bulk Nutrients products I use and recommend!

Micellar Casein Protein

Micellar Casein Protein

Why I love it: Casein is a great nighttime protein for recovery, it’s slowly digested feeding your muscles with protein all through the night when you go longest between meals. It’s really good for making your desserts as it becomes a mousse type consistency when mixed with small amounts of liquid.

How I use it: The caseins fluffy texture does really well in mug cakes, pancakes or mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese for high protein desserts.

Cognitone - Switched on Performance

Cognitone - Switched on Performance

Why I love it: Cognitone is my lifesaver when I need to sit still and focus on a task. It tastes so good and brings me to focus on a level I cannot get from having a coffee.

How I use it: I like it with lots of water. I’ll usually add it into my water bottle and that helps me tick off my hydration goals too.

Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha Capsules

Why I love it: Ashwagandha is really good if I’m needing a bit of extra help to switch off before bed.

How I use it: I just take the tablets with water as I’m getting ready to go to sleep.

Protein Hot Bulk Pack

Protein Hot Bulk Pack

Why I love it: Protein Hot is a delicious hot drink I can enjoy while knowing I am having added protein as opposed to a normal hot chocolate.

How I use it: Just add hot water and stir.

Training Schedule

My program changes every 4 weeks and builds upon the last program.

I’m currently on a daily undulating periodisation (DUP) program.

This means I have

  • Day 1 - lower body heavy
  • Day 2 - upper body heavy
  • Day 3 - lower body moderate
  • Day 4 - upper body moderate
  • Day 5 - lower body light

I don’t currently do any cardio other than hitting a daily step target.

Within my lower programs, I do some variation of squat, hip thrust and deadlift on every lower body day hitting the big lifts with various intensities throughout the week. My focus at the moment is growing muscle.

My approach to nutrition

I’m a big meal prepper!

My lunches and dinners are all prepped in advance and I use my breakfast and snacks to honour my cravings and hit my macros

What is my average daily calorie intake? My maintenance is 2300, lower if cutting.

Are there foods you avoid? Why? I don’t cut out anything, if I really want something I work out where I need to make other adjustments to stay within my calorie targets.

Foods I crave... Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the only thing I haven’t been able to make a macro-friendly version of that hits the spot. I make space for the real thing on occasion and love every bite!

My ultimate cheat meal is... I don’t really do ‘cheat meals’ but for a dinner out I love good Thai food!

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

I’m currently in a building phase working towards my next WBFF competition.

Online Coaching

Helena only takes on a limited number of clients at any point in time. If you're interested in working with her to reach your goals, get in touch on her website.