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Fat Burner Frequently Asked Questions

When to take fat burners?

In general, it is recommended that fat burners are taken either first thing in the morning or just before your workout. The rationale behind taking it in the morning is that your metabolism is at its slowest when you first wake up. Taking a fat burner can help stimulate your metabolism and get you burning more calories throughout the day. The other option is taking it before your workout, which will allow you to burn more calories during your training session.

These are two of the most common times users choose to take a fat burner; however, other times may suit you better depending on your schedule and goals.

When are fat burners most effective?

This question is not as straightforward as it may seem because there are strategic times a fat burner supplement can be taken to maximise its effectiveness. It’s important to understand the ingredients in the product you are using as well as how the product can best support you in achieving your body composition goals. So, let’s go through a few examples of optimal times you could take a fat burner supplement.

Most fat burners contain ingredients like caffeine that give you a hit of energy. Hence, taking a fat burner first thing in the morning can help raise your energy levels and get your metabolism firing on all cylinders. This is important because your metabolism slows right down as you sleep and is at its slowest first thing in the morning.

Additionally, if you perform fasted workouts in the morning (working out before you eat breakfast), then taking your fat burner 30 minutes before you work out will help keep your energy levels high as you would a pre workout improve your workout quality. 

Many users also choose to use a fat burner as a coffee substitute in the morning to give them a similar caffeine hit and the additional benefits of the other thermogenic ingredients. 

Suppose this sounds like how you would choose to take your fat burner. In that case, we recommend Bulk Nutrients AM Burner. It contains caffeine and 12 other thermogenic ingredients, including Acetyl Carnitine (ALCAR) and Green Tea Extract, to aid weight control and will even assist with recovering from a workout. 

The other property that fat burners possess is the ability to suppress your appetite. This can be a powerful dieting weapon against an equally powerful dieting destroyer, also known as cravings. If you have dieted in the past and found a common time throughout the day that your cravings start, then taking a fat burner 30 minutes before the cravings hit can help keep cravings in check. This strategy can help you to stay on track with your diet. 

Furthermore, if you are getting hungry between planned meals, then taking a fat burner after eating can help you see you through to the next meal. 

Another strategy is to take it 30 minutes before a meal, so you feel more satiated while you eat. This option can be a diet saver if you plan to go out for dinner and want to avoid a blow-out. For more tips on dining out on a diet, check out Your guide to eating out at a restaurant without sacrificing your fitness goals.

Note that in the previous few examples related to appetite suppression, the fat burner has been used to help you stay on track and maintain your diet, which is often an underrated and overlooked aspect of what a fat burner can offer.

The last example here is extremely product specific. At Bulk Nutrients, we offer a night-time fat burner called PM Burner that contains no active stimulants and won’t affect your sleep. This product is intended to be taken at night, preferably before bed, and as such, this is the most optimal time to take this product. 

It is important to note that our AM & PM Burner can be used in combination for a 24hr weight control effect. However, it is also important not to exceed any fat burner supplements recommended dosage. Make sure you read and follow those instructions on the product, if the product says only one dosage per day, then find the time that works best for you and circumstances and get the most out of your dosage.

Will fat burners work without a controlled diet and exercise?

The short answer is no, and there is no such thing as a fat burner that will allow you to burn fat by simply taking it without a healthy plan to lose weight. Therefore, it would be best to be wary of anyone who claims there is such a thing.

Fat burners have little to no effects if they are not part of a healthy calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise. They are intended as a weight loss aid and not as a substitute for controlled diet and exercise.

The best way to maximise the use of a fat burner is using it alongside a controlled diet and exercise to enhance the result you will experience.

What do fat burners do to your body?

A fat burner can have the following benefits: 

  • Improved fat metabolism.
  • Increased energy expenditure.
  • Impaired fat absorption.
  • Increased satiety (feelings of fullness).
  • Increased fat oxidation during exercise.

Why take fat burners?

Fat burners are a terrific way to enhance the results you’ll experience from a well-structured healthy plan to lose weight.

They have many key ingredients that can assist you with achieving your body composition goals.

Can fat burners be used as pre workout?

Yes. A fat burner can be used as a pre workout; however, this is not its intended purpose.

Ingredients like caffeine are present in some fat burners to help boost energy levels and increase fatty acid oxidation. Caffeine is professionally researched, and a powerful supplement used to enhance both physical and mental performance. These benefits are great in a fat burner and pre workout. 

With that being said, there are also many ingredients missing from a fat burner that you would typically find in a good pre workout. Pre workouts are specifically designed to improve gym performance, while a fat burner formula is designed to help target fat. 

If you are looking to train harder with a greater pump and increased recovery, use a pre workout rather than a fat burner. On the other hand, if you want a product that can assist with weight control and can give you a minor caffeine hit to train harder, a fat burner may be sufficient.

Which Fat Burner should I use and what’s the difference?

One of the most confusing categories when it comes to supplements is ‘Fat Burners’. While all can help with weight loss to varying degrees, the title ‘Fat Burners’ is not always accurate, as all have different mechanisms of action – while great for weight loss, only a few literally assist the body to ‘burn fat’.

Acetyl Carnitine

Perhaps the most popular and well known, Acetyl Carnitine (ALCAR) is an amino acid that has been used for weight loss for decades. ALCAR, which is a modified (and more effective) version of L-Carnitine, is a fat metaboliser. This means that it will assist the body in utilising fat stores for energy, in addition, it may have mild effects on boosting metabolism.

Given its method of action, Acetyl Carnitine will work best for those on Carbohydrate (or Keto) restricted diets. The less available glycogen available for the body, the more effective the body will be – with the aid of Acetyl Carnitine, at using fat for energy.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract’s action is somewhat debatable. As Green Tea Extract contains Caffeine much of its action in increasing metabolic action (increasing heart rate and thermogenesis) can be attributed to its caffeine content.

Studies using Green Tea have shown it to be more effective than Caffeine alone though and reliable results have been shown from using De Caffeinated Green Tea Extract. Apart from being useful for weight loss, Green Tea Extract is particularly good for general health, being very high in antioxidants.


Sesamin is a lignan isolated from Sesame Seeds. The active compound then binds to and activates a receptor called Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor Alpha (PPAR)-alpha. This receptor is particularly important for weight loss as it is active in muscle, liver, kidney, and heart cells, increasing fatty acid oxidisation, like the action of HCA. Sesamin also increases the mitochondrial enzyme CPT, which is considered rate-limiting for fat oxidisation.

Sesamin has also been reported to reduce lipogenesis by reducing the enzymes, which are responsible for fat storage in the liver. This gives it a dual effect in assisting fat burning while reducing fat storage.


Caffeine is a very well-known central nervous stimulant and has secondary thermogenic actions. By increasing the heart rate as well as general stimulatory action (your body will produce more heat), the result is that your body burns more calories. Caffeine has another effect of reducing appetite, which can be a positive factor for weight loss. It is usually advised to use caution when using caffeine for weight loss purposes though as its side effects can be quite severe, especially in large doses.

As you can see from a brief summary of products popularly used for weight loss, many have different methods of action. Given that, it is advised by many to utilise a combination of products, to ensure a multi-faceted approach.

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