Fat Burners FAQs

Which Fat Burner should I use and what is the difference?

One of the most confusing categories when it comes to supplements is “Fat Burners”. While all can help with weight loss to varying degrees, the title “Fat Burners” is not always accurate, as all have different mechanisms of action – while great for weight loss, only a few literally assist the body to “burn fat”.

Acetyl Carnitine

Perhaps the most popular and well known, Acetyl Carnitine (Alcar) is an amino acid which has been used for weight loss for decades. Alcar, which is a modified (and more effective) version of L Carnitine is a fat metaboliser. This means that it will assist the body in utilising fat stores for energy, in addition it may have mild effects on boosting the metabolism. 

Given its method of action, Acetyl Carnitine will work best for those on Carbohydrate (or Keto) restricted diets. The less available glycogen available for the body, the more effective the body will be – with the aid of Acetyl Carnitine, at using fat for energy.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract’s action is somewhat debatable. As Green Tea Extract contains Caffeine much of its action in increasing metabolic action (increasing heart rate and thermogenesis) can be attributed to its caffeine content.

Studies using Green Tea have shown it to be more effective than Caffeine alone though and good results have been shown from using De Caffeinated Green Tea Extract. Apart from being useful for weight loss, Green Tea Extract is very good for general health, being very high in anti oxidants.


Sesamin is a lignan isolated from Sesame Seeds. The active compound then binds to and activates a receptor called Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor Alpha (PPARalpha). This receptor is particularly important for weight loss as it is active in muscle, liver, kidney and heart cells, increasing fatty acid oxidisation, similar to the action of HCA. Sesamin also increases the mitochondrial enzyme CPT, which is considered rate limiting for fat oxidisation.

Sesamin has also been reported to reduce lipogenesis by reducing the enzymes, which are responsible for fat storage in the liver. This gives it a dual effect in assisting fat burning, while reducing fat storage.


Caffeine is a very well known central nervous stimulant and has secondary thermogenic actions. By increasing the heart rate as well as general stimulatory action (your body will produce more heat), the result is that your body burns more calories. Caffeine has another effect of reducing appetite, which can be a positive factor for weight loss. It is usually advised to use caution when using caffeine for weight loss purposes though as is side effects can be quite severe, especially in large doses.

As you can see from a short summary of products popularly used for weight loss, many have different methods of action. Given that, it is advised by many to utilise a combination of products, to ensure a multi faceted approach. A very popular product made by Bulk Nutrients “Burner Combination” combines many of these. If used in combination with powdered Acetyl Carnitine as well as Hydroxy Citric Acid (which demand higher doses than what is suitable for capsules), it would result in a very potent weight loss combination.

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