Lysine HCL

L Lysine HCL is a popular choice when it comes to health, playing a major role in many bodily functions.

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Lactose Free

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Lysine HCL Powder

Lysine HCL is regarded as a necessary building block for all protein in the body. Lysine HCL plays a major role in calcium absorption, building muscle protein and the bodies production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Lysine HCL is both popular for human and animal health.

Numerous studies have shown that Lysine HCL can be used as a preventative and treatment for the cold sore virus.

To some users Lysine HCL tastes unpleasant so we suggest when mixing adding a pinch of amino acid flavouring which considerably improves the taste.

Directions & Ingredients

Lysine HCL Dosage

Consume 1000mg of Lysine HCL once or twice daily.

As the serve is very small, we recommend using microscales when dosing.


Combine powder with liquid and consume immediately.


100% Pharmaceutical Grade Lysine HCL.


Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

Frequently asked questions about Lysine HCL

How does Lysine HCL taste?

This product is unflavoured and is generally considered to be unpleasant.

What is Lysine HCL made from?

This product is derived from starches.

Are samples available of this product?

Sorry we do not provide samples of Lysine HCL.

How is Lysine HCL packaged?

Bulk Nutrients' Lysine HCL is packaged in resealable 250g bags.

Where is this product made?

We blend and package all our products in our own manufacturing facility here in Australia. We source our pharmaceutical grade amino acids from China, as do 99% of all supplement companies. See here for further information.

Lysine HCL Nutrition Panel

Servings per 250g package: 250Servings size: 1000mg
Average Quantity Per ServingAverage Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj)171,700
Protein (g)1100
Fats (g)00
(saturated) (g)00
Carbohydrates (g)00
(sugars) (g)00
Sodium (mg)00
Lysine HCL (mg)1,000100,000

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