A Treat Vs A Bulk Nutrients Treat

A Treat Vs A Bulk Nutrients Treat

Posted by Nicole Frain on Jul 02, 2018

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What is treat?

By definition, a treat is; ‘an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.’

Although the definition states that a treat is an out of the ordinary food, today we are constantly surrounded by treats and tasty foods and this  ‘out of the ordinary’ food has become much more ordinary.

Generally,  a treat is a food that typically contains sugar, processed carbs, sugars and flavours. They often hold little nutritional benefits like cupcakes, chocolate and cookies and are seen as celebratory foods.

While a snack holds some nutritional benefit in terms of protein, good fats and carbs, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Snacks might include; fruit, cheese and biscuits, celery and peanut butter or a handful of nuts.

A treat is a food that typically contains processed carbs, sugars and flavours.

A healthier treat

Luckily, at Bulk Nutrients we have a range of delicious ‘treat alternative’ products that you can enjoy with much less guilt.

From Quick Protein Pancakes and Instant Mug Cake to Protein Mousse, Protein Hot and Quick Protein Balls Mix (and plenty more scheduled to release soon!).

As I work in R&D I help create these amazing treats and can say with confidence they’re a great alternative to regular sugary fatty treats.

When developing clean treats we aim to create a high protein product that is also lower in fats, carbs and sugar, without compromising on taste too much. This means our snack foods hold more nutritional benefit than many other ‘treats’.

Cupcake vs Mug Cake

Take our Mug Cake for example. A typical cupcake contains approximately 178 calories, 1.3g of protein, 32g of carbohydrates and about 25g of sugar per serve.

Our Mug Cakes are much more nutritionally beneficial at  176 calories a serve with 20g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates and a just 1.9g of sugar.

If you opt for a Mug Cake instead of a regular cupcake you’re providing your body with a more nutrient-dense food that contains protein to maintain fullness and prevent cravings, next to no sugars which prevent blood sugar spikes and real unprocessed ingredients.

Our Mug Cake offers much better macros than the sugary original.

Everything in moderation

Now, this doesn’t mean that we suggest our Protein Pancakes become your breakfast every day of the week, or that it is now okay to eat Mug Cakes daily. But we do think that when it comes to cravings that can be pretty tough to ignore, or you just want to treat yourself, your body will thank you for choosing a better option. That’s where Bulk Nutrients comes in!

Check out the full treat range and stay on track with your goals.

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