Prepping for a Fitness Competition

Prepping for a Fitness Competition

Posted by Maria Bond on Jul 11, 2017

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We’ve all seen images of toned, tanned and terrific fitness models across social media. These images can conjure up mixed thoughts and emotions and I often hear people ask:

“What do I need to do to look like that?”

So here is an insight into the life of a fitness competitor preparing for a competition.

My training routine

Despite many misconceptions about training, it’s not necessary to slave away in the gym for hours on end.

I train weights 5 to 6 days a week in the lead up to a competition for approximately 45 to 60 minutes each session. If I can fit in the odd 5 to 10 kilometre run or class at the gym that’s great, but if not it doesn’t make or break my training regime.

The focus is purely on hypertrophy through heavy weight training, which leads to positive changes in body composition – increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

A week of training generally looks like this:

Day Focus
Monday Back
Tuesday Legs (quads)
Wednesday Metafit class (HIIT) or rest
Thursday Back
Friday Chest and arms
Saturday Legs (glutes and hammies)
Sunday Cardio or rest

Image taken from @marias_fit_life Instagram account.

My comp prep diet

Preparing for a competition means cutting out all processed food. My diet consists solely of meat, grains, vegetables and limited dairy. A typical days food is as follows:

Meal Food
Breakfast Protein oats with berries

Black coffee

Post workout/Morning tea Banana

Protein shake

Lunch #1 Chicken, rice and vegetables
Lunch #2 Chicken, rice and vegetables
Afternoon tea Two hard boiled eggs

Veggie sticks

Dinner Kangaroo, vegetables and potato or rice

In the one to two weeks leading up to a competition I used to cut out all whey protein in exchange for egg whites. Thankfully now I can take Future Whey instead of consuming 2 litres of egg whites in a week!

Future Whey is a real game changer for comp prepping. To have a protein drink that I can consume right up to competition day that is free from fats and carbohydrates is amazing. Also the fact that it is non-milky, is great for after an intense workout or run when I feel like something refreshing.

Image taken from @marias_fit_life Instagram account.

My supplementation

The final piece to the competition prep puzzle is the supplements I take to maximise the benefits of my training and dieting. My current supplement stack includes:

Time Supplements
First thing of a morning Test Max
L Tyrosine
Acetyl Carnitine
Creatine Monohydrate
2 x Burner Combination Capsules
Pre and intra workout Pre Workout 101
BCAA Recovery – Apple raspberry is my absolute favourite!
Post workout Salted Caramel Thermowhey. This will change to Future Whey once I’m in my final cutting phase as it has zero carbs and fats.

Once I’m in a calorie deficit, I would rather get these nutrients from food to help my satiety.

Late afternoon 2 x Burner Combination Capsules
Right before bed Test Max
L Tyrosine
Acetyl Carnitine

Image taken from @marias_fit_life Instagram account.

So there you have it – comp prep in a nutshell.

Depending on the individuals starting body composition and desired division or goals, prep can take anywhere from 12 to 26 weeks.

It’s definitely a huge commitment and requires lots of sacrifice, but it is well worth it. Stepping on stage and showcasing my hard work and commitment to my goals has been my proudest achievement to date outside of becoming a mum.

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