Meet our plant-based body building and power lifting Ambassador Bridget Freeman!

Bulk Ambassador Bridget Freeman is a wife, mum, small business owner, employee and a multiple-time national and international figure and physique champion: how does she do it all?!

Bridget first competed in 1996, so she’s seen her share of fitness fads come and go.

Check out her profile below to see how this vegan mum does it all!

Hiya, I'm Bridget!

I am a wife, mum, dog and cat mum, weight-lifting enthusiast!

Over the last 10-15 years I’ve enjoyed a highly successful career in natural bodybuilding, winning many states, national and international titles over many years with several different drug-tested federations.

This culminated in 2016 when I won a coveted Pro Card and then a Pro Physique World Title in Budapest. I’m an athlete who’s very proudly achieved this success without any drug use whatsoever.

At almost 50 years old and having become vegan two years ago, I am now entering a new phase and am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve next!


These are some of the Bulk Nutrients products I use and recommend. I love that Bulk Nutrients offer so many plant-based options!

Earth Protein - Bulk Nutrients' Vegan Protein

Earth Protein - Vegan Protein

Why I love it: It is thick and delicious and the macros are fantastic. Being vegan it is extremely important to me that I stick to my ethics but still keep my protein intake sufficient for my goals.

How I use it: I basically have dessert for breakfast or post-workout by mixing my Earth Protein with mixed berries, oat bran, green fusion, tri fibre and some apple crumble flavoured cereal! I also take it in a shake any time of day if I need an extra protein hit.

Bulk Nutrients Green Fusion

Green Fusion

Why I love it: I endeavour to always have 'green' with every meal but it's a bit harder when you like sweet things like I do! But by adding Green Fusion to my post-workout or smoothies I know I am getting all the wonderful antioxidant benefits of Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, and Chlorella - things I wouldn't get normally! Since taking Green Fusion I have never had colds or flu!

How I use it: I mix it in my breakfast dessert bowl or in smoothies or shakes.

AM & PM Burner Pack - 24 hour weight loss

AM & PM Burner Pack - 24hr Formula

Why I love it: This product was a lifesaver for me when I was achieving my most shredded condition ever to win my Pro Card and then my World Title and it still helps me stick with my physique goals today by helping keep my water intake high and curbing my cravings and hunger.

How I use it: I add some to my water bottle and sip it throughout the day.

Bulk Nutrients' Future Whey

Future Whey

Why I love it: I love this product for most of the same reasons I love BCAA Recovery and will interchange them at various times. I love that Future Whey, as well as being a fantastic refreshing source of amino acids also includes glutamine which enhances muscle recovery and can also be of benefit during cold and flu season. I love that there are ZERO carbs and fats, it's just protein!

How I use it: I mix Future Whey up with sparkling mineral water and add a slice of lemon or lime as an anytime treat, or just with plain water when I'm training.

Training Schedule

Having trained with weights for over twenty years I have tried so many different methods and every one of them has had things I could learn from and incorporate in the future!

At the moment I am doing three quad sets per workout, so each set is four exercises performed back to back.

The first exercise is a big or compound movement for about 8 reps, the second is a different muscle group and is lighter and for around 12-15 reps, the third exercise is a different muscle group again for around 12-15 reps and so is the fourth. This way I am targeting large muscle groups and compound exercises every day and these same muscle groups also get a lighter and more "stimulation rather than annihilation" workout or two as well. I am loving this style of training!

I only train four days per week but am stacking the volume in.

On Wednesdays instead of going to the gym my hubby and I go for a mountain bike ride in a beautiful nearby forest - still a fantastic workout and a totally different kind of fitness!

My approach to nutrition

I have been vegan for about two years so I focus mainly on getting heaps of veggies and then adding in protein sources as well (Earth Protein in smoothies and bowls, BCAAs/Future Whey, tofu, beans, lentils etc).

I eat some form of 'green' at every single meal to make sure my body is constantly receiving nutrients. I don't meal prep but I do food prep, so I have prepared ingredients ready in my fridge that I just mix together in whatever way I feel like when it is meal time.

What is my average daily calorie intake? I'm guessing 1,500 but I don't count calories.

Foods I crave... Since finishing competing and going vegan my diet is so much more balanced and I no longer experience the overwhelming cravings I used to. I occasionally crave toast and have to limit the delicious vegan ice creams out there!

My ultimate cheat meal is... Vegan burger with sweet potato chips! Followed by vegan ice cream!

A day on my plate

My weekdays are all pretty much identical and roughly consist of...


Coffee with almond and coconut milk.

Morning tea and during the day

Heaps of mostly green veggies, some tofu or chickpeas, passata sauce, nutritional yeast (packed in the morning and eaten at my work desk).

Piece of fruit to snack on at work if hungry.

Pre-workout: Pump FX

During my workout: BCAAs or Future Whey throughout my afternoon training session at the gym

Post-workout: mixed (frozen) berries, oat bran, green fusion, tri fibre, Earth Protein, cereal

Tea with the family

Heaps of veggies, mostly green but some starchier carb source as well, whatever I have made for the family - stir fry, curry, soup etc.

Hungry later? Maybe a bit more Earth Protein with cereal.

Oh, and I have a couple of other coffees throughout the day as well.

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

My medium goal is to be the best mum/wife/person I can be.

I want to show that being vegan doesn't mean you are weak or can't build or maintain muscle.

I want to grow my reach, particularly amongst mums who I believe are overwhelmed with advice but most of it is conflicting and requires too much time and energy to follow.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

PNBA Pro, ICN Pro, PNBA Pro Physique World Champion, multiple times INBA Figure and Physique National and World Champion and multiple times ANB State and National Figure Champion.

I also won my recent Powerlifting Australia event. Plus I'm a Qualified Precision Nutrition Coach.