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Lindsay Perry

Meet Lindsay! She’s a bubbly fitness-loving Mum with a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

Based on the sunny Gold Coast, Lindsay manages a busy Anytime Fitness gym and coaches personal training clients too.

Lindsay has competed in many bodybuilding and fitness competitions over the years and has a goal of walking to the Kokoda trail in 2021!

Lindsay Perry - Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

Hiya, I'm Lindsay!

Married, with two beautiful growing boys, I keep myself busy managing a bustling Anytime Fitness Club on the Gold Coast.

Starting my fitness career in 2012, I have experienced so many wonderful opportunities that I feel have shaped me for what's to come.

With my effortless enthusiasm, infectious personality and magnetic aura for anyone new to exercise or healthy balanced living, my passion lie with face to face coaching and relationships.

Highlights of these years are:

  • Featuring as a 6-page Kettlebell tutorial and poster 2015 for Bulk Nutrients & Thermowhey
  • Opening Anytime Fitness 2017
  • February Calendar girl in Mystify Beauty & Strength Calendar 2019
  • Ms Fitness Australia Figure Classique Pro Card.

You will find me and my smile in my happy place at Bulk Nutrients activations, helping, inspiring and showcasing what I feel are Australia's Best Value and pure supplements.


The products in my recommended section are all about living my best, healthiest life possible.

Bulk Nutrients' Future Whey a refreshing way to take protein is now 100% plant based free form amino acids

Future Whey

Why I love it: I love this during my training, knowing I'm flooding my body with the essential aminos at this time is priceless. And as a versatility bonus, on hot days with crushed ice and soda water, it makes recovery next level!

How I use it: During training, just with a shaker full of water. But I love it with soda water!

Bulk Nutrients' Protein Matrix+ exceptionally creamy and easily digested high quality protein blend

Protein Matrix+

Why I love it: Firstly, the "mixability". Two shakes in water and this protein is MIXED! This small but visual success indicates great quality! However, to add to this the selection of flavours opens my imagination for its uses.

How I use it: Vanilla, in liquid meals, I blend 1 scoop with frozen fruit of choice, a little flax meal for omega 3s and some almond milk to slip in some extra calories. Chocolate, either post-workout, with water or in homemade Protein Balls. Salted Caramel - THE BEST FLAVOUR for protein balls, or healthy slice bases.

Bulk Nutrients' Quick Protein Pancakes Offered in single serve sachets an easy way to cook up some delicious high protein pancakes

Quick Protein Pancakes

Why I love it: Simple, quick, and great macros!

How I use it: I actually don't make them as pancakes. I love them cooked in the waffle maker and topped with apple, maple syrup and cinnamon. Or I use a pie maker with one pack making four pies. I use pie apple in the middle as a filling and make hot little apple pies. Then I eat the whole lot because you know... 1 serve!

Lindsay Perry - Bulk Nutrients Ambassador

Training Schedule

When I’m in prep, I mainly weight train a 5-day split and hit a designated step count. Rinse and repeat. Bodybuilding can be quite solo in training as the focus and mindset can be separating.

But for the remainder of the year, I love all types of training, centred around the barbell.

2 days a week I love to train for strength. Each of these days featured around a Deadlift or a Bench Press and their respective accessory movements - the thrust is a must! A favourite movement I must say!

During the other 2 days, I enjoy functional higher volume sessions. Using modifications of the main compound exercises and some basic plyometrics.

Super setting and aiming for reps of 12-15 keeps the heart rate up and the technique on point.

I get to the beach for a walk with my husband and dog at least once or twice a week, and we enjoy riding our bikes to coffee in the mornings.

Active every day, the Gold coast sunshine makes it easy to remain consistent.

My approach to nutrition

Every weekend I clean out my fridge and do the weekly "shop n chop". Essentially turning my kitchen into a mini restaurant allowing me fast delicious nutritious meals that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes.

I make up 3 recipes to serve 8, two of these are usually freezer friendly meals which are perfect for grab n go work meals. I always include at least one salad that will last the week.

What is my average daily calorie intake? Anywhere from 1800-2600

Are there foods you avoid? Nothing, in particular, I avoid, however, I must think before walking into a bakery!!

Foods I crave... I am female, give me the chocolate!

My ultimate cheat meal is... No particular cheat meals as all my meals are fresh, quality and I genuinely love to eat them. But I do love pizza and Indian Food.

A day on my plate

A typical Monday to Friday for me is quite routine. On training days I use Future Whey in my workouts and Chocolate Thermowhey after.

Meal 1 1 egg & 1 cup egg whites with a "brekky box" mix of pre-cut veggies (mushroom, zucchini, capsicum). Drizzle with 1tbs flaxseed oil and it's a go-to breakfast that's delicious!

Meal 2 Iced coffee using Bulk Nutrients Vanilla Matrix and a shot of coffee with ice and water or Freezer meal (Vegetarian Chilli or Caukifkower Korma)

Meal 3 Man-sized salad with fruit, nuts, seeds with either tofu or felafel or homemade beefless burgers

Meal 4 Either a liquid meal with Protein Matrix, frozen fruit and flax meal or the other half of my giant nutrient-packed salad.

Meal 5 This is always dinner with my family. Hubby is a great cook, we share the duties of creating colourful meals that change with the seasons. Hearty for winter, light and fresh for summer. And yes, my two children eat whatever is in front of them.

When I'm not prepping for a comp, I avoid the ever consuming counting of calories/macros/steps. I get plenty of sleep, train according to my energy levels, eat mindfully but not restricted, and enjoy pizza, wine and desserts.

Always after training, I ensure I get fast absorbing protein and carbohydrates to aid in recovery.

When I'm in prep, I plan the meals I love, I don't change my mind according to what I might "feel like". I weigh to the gram, stick to my plan, hit my daily target for macros, steps and my specific training program and patiently wait for my body to respond naturally.

It's lovely to have periods of time where this is the forefront of my lifestyle, however, learning to live on the other side of these is just as magical.

I appreciate my body, its energy and intuition, and I live without judgement to myself or others. I'm grateful for the experience of manipulating body composition, but it does not define me.

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

I'm currently working towards (and am incredibly excited for) Burning Man in 2020 and the Kokoda Trek in 2021.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Would easily have to be my success in the 2019 Ms Fitness Australia Figure Classique Pro and appearance in the 2019 Mystify Calendar.

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