Powerlifter and Fitness Coach Sam

Meet Sam Schepis the powerhouse powerlifter!

Don’t let his suave haircut and well-maintained beard fool you, when Sam hits the platform, he is a force to be reckoned with!

Sam has worked as a coach in the fitness industry for almost a decade now, so it’s fair to say he knows his way around a gym.

If you’re interested in powerlifting or fitness in general, Sam’s the man for you!

Hey there, I'm Samuel Schepis!

I have been working in the fitness industry as a Coach for 8 years now. Working closely with others to help them achieve their health and fitness goals is something that I love doing and is a big part of my life. I co-own (with my brother Jacob), JPS Health & Fitness based in Melbourne.

I am also a competitive powerlifter in the U/77kg class.

Fitness has become an outlet for me to work on myself both physically and psychologically and has been an avenue that has constantly facilitated my personal and professional growth.

My Instagram

Follow my training tips and updates on my Instagram @samuel.schepis.


All the products I recommend from Bulk Nutrients are all great all-round supplements that’ll help you get the most out of your training.

Strawberry Whey Protein Isolate

Why I love it: The variety of flavours are great (hard to pick a favourite, I’ve picked strawberry, but chocolate is a close second). Also, its super easy to select multiple bags in one order so I have heaps of options on the go at once and cost effective, great ingredients and what I recommend to my clients.

How I use it: Typically, a shake with creatine (around training time). Or I will mix the WPI into a meal (i.e. oats, or cereal or yogurt!)

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Creatine Monohydrate

Why I love it: A product I find highly beneficial for anyone who is serious about their training. The cost is low, and it’s a great addition to ensure you are getting every possible benefit in the gym.

How I use it: I either shot it with water (kinda gross but effective at 4am in the morning) or I add it in with protein into a shake.

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Chocolate Micellar Casein

Why I love it: a heap of great flavours and the benefits of a slow release protein means it is great to have just before bed. Can make some great desserts out of it!

How I use it: Make it into a pudding!

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Berry Lemonade Pre Workout 101

Why I love it: Coffee can be hard to come by but having pre-workout on hand is always a life saver when you need a bit extra to get through your training.

How I use it: With 400ml water half an hour before training

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My approach to nutrition

With years of experience in educating clients on the basics of nutrition, and also monitoring my nutrition in various forms (tracking calories/macros, IIFYM, intuitive eating etc), I am now just moderating my nutrition based on my scale weight, and eating fairly regularly and consistently.

What is my average daily calorie intake? Around 2,700-3,500 calories

My ultimate cheat meal is... Coles BBQ Meatlovers Pizza, sooooo good. 10/10, would recommend. Try one!

My day on a plate


Protein shake and some sort of carbs (cereal, fruit etc)

Morning tea snack

High protein yogurts x2


Chicken, rice, veg with sauce

Afternoon Snack

Noodles with tuna or chicken and veg


It usually varies, chicken wraps with veg, mexican, burgers etc


Ice cream (Peters Light), Bulk Casein/WPI, chocolate, and cereal

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

My current goal I’m working towards is to achieve a 500 Wilks score in power lifting.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

National Champion 2018 U/77kg Mens Open (Squat 255kg - National Record, Bench 160kg, Deadlift 282.5kg, Total 697.5 National Record).

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