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Fitness Model

Fitness Models

Fitness Models train in a similar way to Bodybuilders but are generally not looking to put on the muscle size of bodybuilders. Their choice to be Fitness Models is often one (but not always) based on genetics and aesthetics and symmetry are far more important than overall muscle mass.

Fitness model training also consists of specific “cutting” seasons where participants prepare for competition. While training volume doesn’t vary much during this time, Fitness Models usually restrict their diet and introduce an aerobic component to their training to reduce body fat as much as possible.

Supplementation is vital for Fitness Models during both their “bulking” and “cutting” phases, however during the “cutting” phase it is perhaps more important.

Top supplements for Fitness Models are Whey Protein Isolate which is perfect for lean muscle growth and Acetyl Carnitine for increased energy and fat mobilisation.  Creatine Monohydrate is great to increase muscle size and Pre Workout 101 can be used to assist in training intensity and focus.  Some Fitness Models choose to use thermogenic products like Burner Combination during their cutting phase.

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