Supplements For Surf Lifesaving

Surf lifesaving combines key aspects of voluntary lifeguard services and competitive surf sport. It has a very important place in the world of sport as those who work as surf lifesavers have a great responsibility in their role to save the lives of others on the water.

Surf lifesaving originated in Australia in 1907 in response to drownings at local beaches in Sydney. To be a surf lifesaver a person must hold a Bronze Medallion or a Surf Rescue Certificate and pass an annual proficiency test.

However, it also operates as a competitive sport where athletes hone the skills of surf lifesaving and battle it out in a competition. These competitions are dynamic including movements such as running, swimming, surf boat rowing and paddling. In general surf lifesaving requires a high level of fitness and speed, therefore strength and endurance are most important.

Surf lifesavers can benefit from supplementing with Electrolyte Plus to replace electrolytes lost by sweat and fuel the body with carbs for endurance as well as BCAA Recovery for muscular endurance and repair. A refreshing and pure protein such as Future Whey will help muscle growth and recovery after training while Joints Complex supports joint maintenance and repair.

Finally, for a quick and easy meal on the job grab some Total Meal Replacement.